Cybersecurity Threats to Watch

How to protect your credit union from the latest cybersecurity threats.

Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule: What’s Next?

Brush up on fiduciary rule basics and find out what’s required during the transition period between June 9 and January 1.

Northwest Credit Unions Champion Education Across the Region

OnPoint Community Credit Union names 2017 Educators of the Year; Inspirus Credit Union boosts graduation rates for nontraditional students at Green River College and supports marine-research program for local high school students.

News and Notes: Here’s What’s Happening in Northwest Credit Unions

Unitus Community Credit Union expands service with two new branches serving Westmoreland and Multnomah Village; Maps Credit Union launches 2017 Community Challenge.

Save to Win Provides a Win-Win Opportunity for Credit Union Members Looking for Incentives to Save

Washington-based Express Credit Union highlights benefits of Save to Win program as member cashes in on annual prize.

Interagency Advisory Addresses Appraisals; FinCEN Updates CTR

Advisory focuses on two options to confront appraiser shortages; FinCEN makes changes to Currency Transaction Report.

Summer Fundraisers Across the Northwest Support Credit Unions for Kids

Save the date: Credit unions gear up for fun summer events in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Rexburg Credit Union Leader Takes Financial Well-Being Mission to Eastern Europe

Shane Berger is helping credit unions in Moldova to modernize financial services in an economically challenged country

The Northwest Credit Union Association Awards Program

The Northwest Credit Union Association is proud to recognize and award the professionals, volunteers, and credit unions that have made outstanding contributions to the development and growth of the Credit Union Movement.

Mission to Moldova

Idaho delegation helps budding Credit Union Movement in economically challenged country.

Highlights from the Spring Small Credit Union Roundtable

Leaders representing small credit unions from across the Northwest shared insights at the biannual Small Credit Union Roundtable.

News and Notes: Here’s What’s Happening in Northwest Credit Unions

Inspirus Credit Union recognized for giving back to education in Washington; Red Canoe Credit Union celebrates 80th anniversary

NCUA Board Approves Proposed Rules on Mergers, Appeals

Here’s what you need to know about the three proposed rules recently released for comment.