Credit Union:

iQ Credit Union


Vancouver, WA





Job Description:

Essential Duties: 

  • Maintain and complete HIPPO requests and evolve the HIPPO program. 
  • Coordinate workflow, responsibilities, and assignments of staff to ensure duties are completed in a timely manner.  Such as the following in-house repairs: 
    • Plumbing – Clogged drains and toilets, stop leaks by turning off water source until professional arrives. 
    • Installation of signage, shelves, video and audio equipment.
    • Painting.
    • Door adjustments.
    • Janitorial – Emergency clean up 
    • Exterior – Storm clean up, clean signs, trash bins 
    • Lighting – Replace bulbs
  • Assist the Marketing Department with their supply delivery needs.  
  • Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of Facilities vehicles. 
  • Act as a liaison between the Credit Union and any third party vendors. 
  • Lead the organization and cleaning of all storage areas including Headquarters basement, CMO basement, and Annex. 
  • Assist in all security and facility emergencies, including response, leading the effort and bringing the event to full closure. 
  • Assist in heavy equipment moves, as necessary.  
  • Monitor facilities/security emergency calls 24/7 and alarm calls at Headquarters and back up for all branches. 
  • Support the security programs, card access, doors, alarm, internal and external maintenance along with any repairs required to secure the health and safety of members and staff. 
  • Monitor and respond to all DVR (digital video recording) issues to resolution, as necessary. 
  • Order, receive, deliver, and warehouse supplies and forms, as necessary.  
  • Assist with shredding staff. 
  • Assist in organizing quarterly Safety Committee meetings. 
  • Assist negotiating with bid invitations, minor construction projects, equipment purchases or requests for proposals (RFP).  Present to Facilities Manager with recommendations. 
  • Assist in coordinating department and branch moves, organizing and communicating move schedules with department supervisors. 
  • Assist in Ad-Que system maintenance and installations. 
  • Demonstrates strong regulatory knowledge applicable to this position and understands and complies with government regulations with particular emphasis on the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), US Patriot Act and related regulations. 
  • Actively participate and fulfill expectations in the Credit Union Email Security Awareness Program as outlined in the Information Security Program Acknowledgement document.