CARES Act: What Credit Unions Need to Know

The NWCUA Compliance Team has studied the economic stimulus bill and provided a comprehensive look at what it means for credit unions.

NWCUA’s Coronavirus Resource Center: See the Latest Information Added This Week

New information is being added hourly for credit unions.

Farleigh Wada Witt Offers Guidance on Communicating Skip Payments

The credit union law firm advises credit unions to keep it simple.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Implications to Credit Unions as Employers

The FFCRA is intended to help families impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Northwest’s Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Campaign  Sees Positive Response  Since January Launch

Initial reports show Idaho, Oregon, and Washington consumers are taking notice.

Conducting Your Annual Meeting When No One Wants to Attend

Farleigh Wada Witt offers guidance for credit unions on conducting their annual meetings amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Addressing Credit Unions’ Concerns About Coronavirus Disease

Prepare. Don’t panic. NWCUA provides resources for credit unions to serve their teams, members, and communities.

Register for Northwest’s Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union March 4 Campaign Update Webinar

Credit unions are encouraged to participate in the webinar’s Q&A.

Unitus Community Credit Union is Ready to Open Consumers’ Eyes to the Credit Union Difference

The Portland credit union has adorned Unitus Plaza with Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union banners, building the campaign’s momentum ahead of next month’s Northwest launch. Educates Consumers on the Credit Union Difference

January’s Northwest launch of the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign will direct consumers to the site, helping them find a nearby credit union.

Register Today for Dec. 12 Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Northwest Pre-Launch Informational Webinar

The webinar will provide credit unions with key information on the Northwest’s ad buying strategy, campaign, toolkit materials, and more.

Credit Unions Encouraged to Attend Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Initiative Webinar Dec. 12

Webinar will focus on the media buying strategy, campaign materials, a toolkit tools, website best practices, and more.

Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union January Launch Announced at MAXX 2019

Consumers will begin to see digital advertising throughout the Northwest region after the first of the year.