The Northwest Credit Union Association is the trade association representing more than 175 credit unions in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, with associate members in Alaska and Hawaii. The Association is the unifying voice for credit unions with state and federal legislators; helps credit unions shoulder a weighty compliance burden; provides abundant, professional development opportunities; and partners with our members to communicate the Credit Union Difference in local and national media. This support helps Northwest credit unions of all sizes thrive for their 8.1 million members.

A Strong, Connected Voice

We are the unifying voice for credit unions in Boise, Olympia, Salem, and Washington, D.C. The Association works with state and federal policy makers, coalitions, and consumer groups to keep credit union powers strong, and give credit unions the opportunity to thrive. Northwest consumers have the best access to credit unions in the nation, because of our unsurpassed operating environment..

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Around-the-Clock Compliance Support

The Association employs full-time staff devoted to helping credit unions shoulder a weighty compliance burden. Association membership also gives access to InfoSight, the 24/7 Compliance Answer Library (CAL), state-specific compliance updates, CUNA’s Comprehensive e-Guide, and CUNA’s Compliance Community—providing access to their CompBlog, message boards, and shared files all in one location.

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Excellent, Affordable Education Opportunities

Your membership with the Association and CUNA gives you access to inexpensive education, including webinars that eliminate travel expenses, and national certification programs. You can be assured that our programs will provide outstanding education for your staff and board members. We provide our members with over 200 opportunities to grow through Networking Councils, conferences, and online programs.

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Positive Media Attention

The Association works with media institutions throughout the nation promoting credit unions. This includes getting the positive stories of our members told through community websites and publications, local radio and television outlets, national news organizations, and credit union trades. Our role is to promote the credit union difference. CUNA carries that same message to national media outlets such as NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

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Relationship Building

Association Councils are forums for credit union professionals to meet, share experiences, and learn from one another.

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Building Better Business Relationships

Strategic Link, the Association’s wholly-owned services corporation provides credit unions with high-quality, competitively priced products and discounted services.

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Scholarships & Grants

The Northwest Credit Union Foundation supports and promotes credit union development and credit unions’ commitment to social responsibility. Support includes professional development scholarships, community outreach, disaster relief, and small credit union assistance.


Helping Small Credit Unions Prosper

The Association helps address the competitive needs of small credit unions, and organizes no-cost small credit union roundtables.

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Guiding Social Responsibility

Social works on a grand scale require cooperation. The Association acts as a focus for concentrating credit union efforts in the community, whether those efforts are directed at preventing elder abuse, educating minority communities on the importance of becoming “banked,” or teaching children about the importance of financial literacy. Standing together we’re better than we can be standing alone.

What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a cooperative, member-driven, not-for-profit financial services provider. Credit unions exist solely to serve their members, unlike profit-driven financial institutions, which exist to pay their stockholders.

Credit unions share their earnings with members.

The structure, value, and impact of credit unions sets them apart.

  • Structure means that as cooperatives, credit unions are member-driven. All decisions are made in the best interests of the members.
  • Value is real! Members pay lower fees and loan rates, and earn better interest.
  • Impact is tangible. As cooperatives, volunteerism and outreach are in the staff and member “DNA” and that makes communities better.

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