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Branding is From Venus and Culture is From Mars

Data, digital marketing and leadership expert Rich Jones talks about branding and culture.

Oregon State Credit Union Starts 2015 With New Name, Same Vision

Modernization of Oregon state charter led Oregon State Credit Union — formerly OSU Federal — to switch charters, but service, vision and legacy remain unchanged.

Stang says NWCUA Will Focus On Policy Advancement, Public Awareness and Collective Action; Tells Annual Business Meeting That ‘Market Share Matters’

NWCUA President and CEO Troy Stang shared his vision for the future of Northwest credit unions at the Association’s Annual Business Meeting in Portland on Tuesday, saying he foresees a world in which credit unions are so relevant to consumers that they have “at least a majority share” of the financial services market.

Nurturing Emotional Ownership Makes for a Stronger Organization

While economic conditions may be improving, credit unions continue to face challenges that can only be overcome with a completely dedicated workforce.

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Measuring the Success of Your IT Security Program

It may be difficult to measure the ROI on your credit union’s IT security program, but if you have solid answers to some key questions, you can make the case for keeping your budget and plan in place. In this week’s Strategic Link report, business partner Network Computing Architects, Inc. offers some tips.

Inside the GAC: Cheney Shares Strategic Vision, Matz Discusses Retooled NCUA

The CUNA GAC got off to an inspired start in Washington Monday, starting with President and CEO Bill Cheney’s call to credit unions to “Unite for Good” and ending with a gala celebration of credit union excellence at the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards dinner, emceed by the NWCUA’s Denise Gabel.

Cheney Unveils ‘Unite for Good’ Vision at CUNA GAC

Calling on credit unions to “unite for good,” CUNA President and CEO Bill Cheney revealed a vision of shared values for the credit union industry.

A Vision, Tenacity and a Credit Union Member Business Loan Created 100 Jobs

Believing those who oppose expanding credit union business lending are opposing community development, A Portland developer parlays a credit union member business loan into several thriving businesses and 100 jobs.

CUNA Chairman Pulls Back the Curtain on National Credit Union Strategies

CUNA Chairman Mike Mercer gave what he described as a behind-the-curtain look at the credit union issues and strategies being discussed nationally. “As you can imagine,” he said, “none of these strategic issues are easy discussions. But CUNA is not shying away from the dialogue.”