Credit Unions Reach Underserved Communities

CO-OP Financial Services highlights two Northwest credit unions who pursue their social missions by reaching out to underserved communities.

Bank On Oregon Hopes to Serve Unbanked, Under-Banked Consumers Across the State

Credit unions, banks, government agencies and nonprofit organizations are banding together to create a statewide Bank On program in Oregon that would increase access to financial services for the state’s unbanked and under-banked consumers.

World Council Partners with Boom Financial to Reach Unbanked Immigrants in U.S., Haiti

The World Council of Credit Unions has partnered with Boom Financial to offer an international mobile remittance solution for immigrant workers and their families, many of whom are unbanked.

Oregon Financial Education Summit Crosses Industry Lines to Help Unbanked Consumers

The average unbanked household spends an average of $800 to $1,000 each year just to cash checks and pay bills. On Thursday, individuals from across Oregon will search for answers together at the 2013 Financial Education Summit. Will your credit union have a seat at the table?

Understanding the ‘Unbanked’ and ‘Debanked’ and the Opportunities to Serve Them

Strategic Link business partner Member Access Pacific (MAP) writes about how until recently, there were the banked and the unbanked. But now it is time to look at another customer segment: the debanked.

Foundation Grant Helps Express Credit Union Break Barriers in Reaching Unbanked

A grant from the Washington Credit Union Foundation has allowed Express Credit Union to improve outreach to low-income and unbanked consumers through better computer connectivity.