Verity Credit Union Collaborates With Local Artists on Truth Campaign

The campaign includes television spots in select Seattle markets and represents a deep investment in brand and community.

Round Two: ‘Don’t Tax Tuesday’ Targets Returning Congress

What better way to welcome Congress back from recess today than with this message: “Don’t tax my credit union!” The Northwest Credit Union Association can help with sample posts and Twitter handles.

Credit Unions Urged to Tweet Senate Today for “Don’t Tax Tuesday”

The NWCUA and CUNA are calling all credit unions to blitz the US Senate with social media messages July 23—“Don’t Tax Tuesday.” Senators have until Friday to submit their tax reform proposals. A persistent and passionate credit union voice may secure credit union’s tax status.

The Truth Speaks: Resources to Help your Members Tell Congress to Preserve the Credit Union Tax Structure

Why do credit unions have a corporate tax exemption? Every credit union member and employee should be able to articulate the reasons. Data supporting the exemption is borne out in three NWCUA studies—an economic analysis and community investment reports for Washington and Oregon credit unions.

Truth Speaks Website: Credit Unions are Good for Consumers

An NWCUA-sponsored public website will offer videos and impact studies to prove that the credit union tax structure is good for consumers. The Truth Speaks website will be fully populated later this week.

Compliance Question of the Week

Is a change in terms notice required to start charging non-members for check cashing?

FRB and CFPB Announce Annual Increases in Dollar Thresholds for Parts of Reg Z, M

The Federal Reserve Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced increases in the dollar thresholds in Regulation Z and Regulation M for exempt consumer credit and lease transactions that will take effect Jan. 1, 2013.

Summer Marketers’ Networking Council to Focus on Compliance

The NWCUA’s compliance team answers 15-20 questions a day on everything from appraisal questions to “what to do if a member was murdered by his payable-on-death beneficiary.” Marketers have an opportunity to network on compliance challenges July 12.

Truth in Savings, Mortgage Registration Move from NCUA to CFPB

The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created as a result of the Dodd-Frank Act, assumes oversight of Truth in Savings and Mortgage Registration from the National Credit Union Administration.