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Strategic Link Question of the Week

Our credit union has implemented a few marketing campaigns in the past, but are getting frustrated by our inability to track their effectiveness. What can we do to figure out if there has been any effect?

CFPB Unveils Five-Year Strategic Plan

The CFPB released a draft of its strategic plan for 2013-2018 yesterday, and credit unions can suggest improvements and comment on its potential impact on the consumer finance market until Oct. 25.

New Service Allows Credit Unions to More Closely Track Washington Legislature

A new free service called SCOUT allows personalized tracking of the Washington legislature, with videos and other issue-specific content delivered directly to users.

NCUA Announces Catalyst to Acquire Western Bridge Operation

The NCUA has awarded Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union the bid to acquire WesCorp’s operations in a move heralded as a solution for Northwest natural-person credit unions. Catalyst recently announced “well-capitalized” status.

Give Retirement Plan Participants Educational Tools They’ll Actually Use

CUNA Mutual Group’s senior marketing strategist outlines practical tools for helping members plan for retirement.

Credit Union Community Service Month Coming this October

This October, the Washington Credit Union League launches its inaugural effort with about 30 of the state’s credit unions (so far) to track and coordinate credit union community service efforts with a goal to quantify the good work they do, and then tell the world!