Sponsored: Get a Deposit Taking ATM at a Deep Discount

Would your members appreciate an ATM where they could make deposits? Portland-based Peregrin Financial Technologies has an NCR deposit taking ATM available July 27, and they are currently accepting offers.

Northwest Credit Unions Rolling Out Apple Pay

Apple Pay’s combination of secure, easy-to-use technology and consumer demand makes it attractive for credit unions.

Credit Unions Poised to Capitalize on Consumers’ Demand for Emerging Retail Products and Services

Credit unions can respond to consumer demands for next generation tools and payment forms to reframe member relationships. A CSCU whitepaper analyzing consumer research is available.

Industry Consensus: EMV is Needed… and Soon

According to Member Access Pacific (MAP), merchants, processors and issuers alike agree on the need to implement EMV chip technology in the U.S. MAP is already putting tools in place to ensure credit unions can make a smooth transition to EMV before the last minute has passed.

Convention Speaker to Highlight Credit Unions’ ‘Extraordinary Opportunity’ to Win

Survival in the fast-moving internet and technology age is dependent on two factors: trust and community. Salim Ismail believes credit unions have both and can leverage technology to win the street fight with big banks.