Sponsored: Get a Deposit Taking ATM at a Deep Discount

Would your members appreciate an ATM where they could make deposits? Portland-based Peregrin Financial Technologies has an NCR deposit taking ATM available July 27, and they are currently accepting offers.

Credit Union Regulatory Relief Bill Taking Shape

A federal bill calling for comprehensive regulatory relief for credit unions is in the works in Washington. Supplemental capital, member business lending and other key initiatives are part of the 35-point package.

Jennifer Wagner—NWCUA’s Advocate in Chief

With a call for sustained messaging to Congress about protecting credit unions’ tax structure, no one will be busier this summer than credit union advocates. Jennifer Wagner is the go-to resource for federal advocacy at the NWCUA. Anthem followed her and team of Northwest delegates in Washington just last week.

Strategic Link Question of the Week

Our credit union just enrolled in Invest in America’s new Credit Union Auto Club program. Is this program available to all credit union members or only those who have taken out an auto loan with us?

iQ Credit Union Raises the Bar for Credit Union Day at the Capitol

When iQ Credit Union Staff saw the challenge to bring record numbers of advocates to Credit Union Day at the Capitol Feb. 7th, they answered in big numbers. Can any other Washington credit union top that? Registration is still open.

Leadership Symposium Hot Topic: Are Your New Members Taking Out Loans?

Keeping the shine on credit unions following Bank Transfer Day and face-to-face dialog with state and federal regulators will highlight the first-ever Leadership Symposium Feb. 10 in Portland.