Washington Legislative Update: Two Credit-Union-Supported Bills Awaiting Vote

As deadline looms, the House and Senate are busy hearing and voting on bills, including two supported by the NWCUA.

Washington Legislative Update: Credit Union Bill Receives Important Recommendation

As NWCUA-sponsored bill receives ‘do pass’ recommendation, House Democrats expected to release operating budget.

Washington Legislative Update: NWCUA Bills on the Move

Companion bills addressing credit union corporate governance and investments continue to move forward.

Washington Legislative Update: Deadline for Floor Votes Approaches

Credit union bills await floor votes as legislative session nears its halfway point.

Washington Legislative Week in Review, Feb 2-6

Both NWCUA-sponsored bills to amend the Washington Credit Union Act are up for hearings this week.

Washington Legislative Week in Review: Legislature Works Quickly as March 13 Cutoff Nears

Companion bills in the Washington State Legislature sponsored by the NWCUA have each been scheduled for committee hearings on March 14 after both passed out of their house of origin by unanimous votes in advance of tomorrow’s deadline.

NWCUA-Sponsored Bills Receive Do-Pass Committee Recommendations

Two bills sponsored by the NWCUA to improve the Washington Credit Union Act passed out of their respective committees last week in the State Legislature, clearing an early hurdle in the path to passage.

Washington Legislative Week in Review: Dueling Budgets Cause Stalemate in State Legislature

This Washington Legislative Update explains the unexpected controversy in the Washington State Legislature, as Senate Republicans passed their version of the budget at 12:45 a.m. rather than signing the supplemental budget passed by the House.

Washington Legislative Week in Review

This Washington Legislative Week in Review updates the progress of the Public Funds Bill and details the bills that died after missing last week’s House of Origin Cutoff.

Washington Legislative Week in Review: Public Funds Bill Passes Senate

SB 5913, known as the Public Funds Bill, passed the Senate last Thursday by vote of 43-2. With less than a month remaining in the current session, several other bills relevant to the credit union movement are expected to see action soon.

Washington Legislative Week in Review

HB 1327, known as the Public Funds Bill, passed the Washington State House on Jan. 30, and floor action is expected in the Senate this week. A number of other pieces of legislation affecting credit unions saw action last week as well.