CFPB Issues Consumer Advisory Regarding Student Loan Servicing

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is urging consumers to tell student-loan lenders and servicers how to apply additional payments to their loans so that they can save money and pay down debt more efficiently.

CFPB Issues Proposed Mortgage Servicing Rules

The CFPB issued two notices of proposed rulemaking designed to protect homeowners from surprises and mistakes made by mortgage servicers. The two notices contain nine specific provisions regarding mortgage lending.

New Oregon Attorney General Announces Mortgage Rules

Considered a victory for credit unions because there are no new regulatory burdens, Oregon’s AG Rosenblum adopts new rules to clarify conduct that violates the state’s Unlawful Trade Practices Act.

Regulatory Advocacy Update: Proposed Oregon Mortgage Servicing Rules Cause Concerns

The weekly Regulatory Advocacy Update outlines the NWCUA’s efforts to reduce the regulatory burden on credit unions and protect the larger movement. Included here is a call for comment on Oregon’s proposed mortgage servicing rule.

Oregon Department of Justice Issues Mortgage Servicing Rule, Take Two

The Oregon DOJ has suspended the temporary mortgage loan servicing rule it issued in January and issued a new rule on Feb. 15, 2012, that includes a handful of modifications.