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Solarity Credit Union Uses Foundation Grant to Boost Financial Education Programs

Solarity Credit Union kicked off its third-annual financial education season last Thursday with a no-cost seminar on personal financial record management.

Compliance Question of the Week

We have several IRA accounts that were opened 10 or more years ago. Our statements are being returned, and our members have not contacted us. At what point do these become dormant and get sent to the state?

Compliance Question of the Week

If a member inherits funds from his mother’s traditional IRA, can the member “roll over” the inherited funds from the mother’s account into a new IRA account?

Compliance Question of the Week

Under the remittance transfer rules, how long does a member have to cancel a remittance transfer?

Compliance Question of the Week

In a Uniform Transfers to Minors Account (UTMA), when does the minor get access to the funds? At 18? 21? 25?

Compliance Question of the Week

Who is the “member/customer” when an account is opened by an individual who has power of attorney (POA)?

Compliance Question of the Week

If we open an estate account, do we qualify the executor or the deceased member for eligibility?

Six Elements for Maximum Motivation of Credit Union Staff

Holly Herman will be the featured presenter at the NWCUA’s Woman Up Seminar, a one-day event held April 19 to help women in the movement advance their careers and excel as leaders. Here she writes about six keys to keeping staff motivated.

Olympia Credit Union Discovers Counterfeit Checks in Circulation

Olympia Credit Union alerted the Washington Department of Financial Institutions Monday that counterfeit checks bearing the credit union’s name are surfacing in the area. The checks are apparently being mailed from an area H&R Block branch.

IRAs Rock According to Training Consultant Paul Kern

On a constantly changing compliance landscape, IRA training is advised every year. Paul Kern will lead an October workshop for NWCUA members, and promises to make a typically complex topic fun to learn.