Relationships Help Credit Unions Capture Growing Auto Loan Market

Northwest credit unions continue robust auto lending in a “hot” market. Data from CUDirect and Callahan & Associates finds Washington credit unions grew the category by 56 percent since late 2011, while Oregon credit unions increased by 34 percent.

Two NW Credit Unions Win National CUNA OpSS Awards

Oregon Community Credit Union and Red Canoe Credit Union brought two of the six national awards to the Northwest with their innovative approaches to branch design and referrals.

News & Notes: Here’s What’s Happening Around the Northwest

STCU surprises teachers with back-to-school grants, Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union and Columbia Credit Union welcome new VPs, Georgia Miller retires from STCU board.

Washington Legislative Week in Review: Lawmakers Enter the Home Stretch

NWCUA-sponsored legislation to give state-chartered credit unions parity with federally chartered credit unions regarding mergers passed the state Senate on a unanimous vote and is now in the hands of Gov. Jay Inslee.

Putting Members in the Driver’s Seat, Part II: The Auto Industry’s Booming — But for Who?

America’s auto industry is booming again. Many manufacturers are reporting record sales, and the overall new-car market is expected to exceed 16 million vehicles in 2014. Who’s buying these cars, and what are they buying? The answers, automotive journalist John M. Vincent says in Part II of “Putting Members in the Driver’s Seat,” might surprise you.

Hot Auto Market Fuels Credit Union Lending in Northwest

A red-hot auto market bodes well for credit unions. In Washington, vehicle registrations hit a post recession high of 278,000 vehicles in June and July. Auto lending makes up 32% of Northwest credit unions’ loan portfolios.

Washington Legislative Week in Review: Inslee’s Revenue Proposal Kicks State Budget Talks

Gov. Jay Inslee kicked off the budget debate in Olympia last week when he released his revenue proposal for Washington State’s operating budget, a two-year plan that allocates funding for state services such as K-12 and higher education, low-income healthcare and social services.

Red Canoe Teams with New York Credit Union to Compare ‘Apples to Apples’

Red Canoe Credit Union is implementing a joint employee sales promotion with Empower Credit Union of New York called “Apples to Apples” that will allow staff to share best practices and challenges with their counterparts.

Autoland Reports Most Profitable Year on Record in 2012

Citing increased business referral volume from an expanded partner base and sustained car buying demand, Autoland, Inc. posted a year-over-year net profit increase of 174 percent in 2012 and also raised its auto-loan-to-vehicle-sale retention rate to a combined 82 percent, driving $93.2 million in auto loans to credit union partners.

Three Northwest Credit Unions Earn CUNA Council Awards

OnPoint Community Credit Union and OSU Federal Credit Union were two of four credit unions honored with Excellence in Technology Awards by the CUNA Technology Council. Red Canoe Credit Union, meanwhile, was one of two credit unions to earn an award from CUNA’s OpSS Council, which recognizes innovative solutions optimizing credit union performance.

MAP Introduces In-Branch Gift Card Displays

Cyndie Martini, president and CEO of Member Access Pacific (MAP), explains how in-branch gift card displays can enhance the member branch experience through MAP’s seamless, stress-free program.

Autoland Reports 25-Percent Sales Increase From 2011

Strategic Link business partner Autoland has seen continued growth this year, with 15 new credit union partnerships and a strong new-car sales market. Net profits through August have exceeded 2011 profitability by 99 percent.

FHFA Issues New Standard Short Sale Guidelines

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are issuing new guidelines to their mortgage servicers to standardize short sale practices that will go into effect Nov. 1.

The Next Auto Repossession Cycle

Strategic Link business partner Repo Remarketing discusses why lenders are likely to see a rise in auto repossessions in the next year and how their easy-to-use web-based service platform can help credit unions simplify the repossession process.

Car-Buying Demand Drives Continued Profitability for Autoland and Its Partners

Having added 11 new credit union partners and with lead volume up 27 percent, Strategic Link business partner Autoland reported positive first-quarter earnings, including a 16-percent sales increase over the same period in 2011.

Fifth-Graders Test Mettle, Business Savvy at JA BizTown

“So how’s your biz? Mine has a LOT of paperwork,” read a memo from one fifth-grade CEO to another during Tuesday’s JA BizTown event in Auburn, Wash. Representatives of Woodstone, Harborstone and the NWCUA were on hand as volunteers.

Understanding the ‘Unbanked’ and ‘Debanked’ and the Opportunities to Serve Them

Strategic Link business partner Member Access Pacific (MAP) writes about how until recently, there were the banked and the unbanked. But now it is time to look at another customer segment: the debanked.

Improving Cross-Sales: A Matter of Hill, Will, and Skill

Kathy Blumenfeld, vice president of the Lender Development Program for Strategic Link strategic partner CUNA Mutual Group, writes about how proper training and assessment of employees’ skills can help increase output and effectiveness.