Public Relations Expert: Crisis Response is 99 Percent Planning, One Percent Execution

The recent Target breach is a good reason for credit unions to dust off their disaster-recovery and crisis-response plans. A public relations expert who consults credit unions shares a priority list for marketers.

Deadline Extended for Credit Unions to Complete Regulatory Exam Survey

CUNA and the Northwest Credit Union Association are calling on credit unions to complete the second-annual Comprehensive Survey on Regulatory Exams, saying a strong response rate will give advocates the data they need to push for improvements in the examination process.

Will Your Company Survive The Unexpected? Make Sure With an Incident Response Plan

An incident response plan helps improve the chances that a company will survive the unexpected, and it should take its place right beside credit unions’ business-continuity and disaster-recovery plans.

Filene Study to Quantify Impact of Regulatory Burden; Northwest Response Wanted

The Filene Research Institute is gathering information about the impact of the regulatory burden on credit unions. The survey will help to identify the most burdensome regulations and the time credit unions spend in compliance.

Compliance Question of the Week

Can a credit union send a member a credit card even though it has not been requested by the member?

NCUA Extends LICU Response Time to 90 Days

Through a board action today, the NCUA extended the response time to accept low-income credit union designation, giving newly eligible credit unions an additional 60 days to file.

NWCUA Regulatory Advocacy Update: Response to NCUA’s Proposed Rules

The weekly Regulatory Advocacy Update outlines the NWCUA’s efforts to reduce the regulatory burden on credit unions and protect the larger movement. Included here are update letters on two comment letters written by the NWCUA regarding the NCUA’s proposed rules on emergency liquidity and troubled condition.

Top 10 Data Breach Questions for Your Organization

Kroll Fraud Solutions sheds some light on undiscovered risk by answering 10 pressing questions about data breach.