Washington Legislature Reviews Tax Exemptions, Budget Proposals

Washington lawmakers are taking a close look at tax exemptions in the final weeks of the 2016 regular session.

Legislation of Interest to Washington Credit Unions in Spotlight in Olympia

Northwest Credit Union Association-backed bills on credit freezes, foreclosure, and mortgage fraud are progressing in the Washington legislature. Expect to see a flurry of activity in the final three weeks of the session.

Washington Legislative Week in Review

As Wednesday’s house of origin deadline approaches, most bills being tracked by the Northwest Credit Union Association remain in committee—but a pair of key bills are moving toward passage.

Washington Legislative Update: NWCUA Bills on the Move

Companion bills addressing credit union corporate governance and investments continue to move forward.

NWCUA Sponsored Legislation Moves Forward in Washington

The Washington State Legislature is just past the midway point of its 105-day session. A flurry of activity in the last week impacts some legislation of interest to credit unions.

Washington Legislative Update: Credit Union Bills Await Floor Vote

As credit union advocates gathered en masse at the capitol, credit union bills passed out of committee.

News From Inside the Oregon State Capitol, Feb 9-13

As the governor resigns, credit union bills are referred to committee and the legislative session marches on.

Washington Legislative Week in Review, Feb 2-6

Both NWCUA-sponsored bills to amend the Washington Credit Union Act are up for hearings this week.

Washington Legislative Week in Review: Committees, Hearings and Credit Union Day at the Capitol

The Washington State Legislature is in full swing, and as committees begin holding hearings, a number of bills are in the works with a potential impact on credit unions.

Washington Legislative Week in Review: Public Funds Bill Passes House

The Public Funds bill passed the Washington State House yesterday by a vote of 80-16 with two excused and now needs only to be signed into law by Governor Gregoire.

Washington Legislative Week in Review

This Washington Legislative Week in Review updates the progress of the Public Funds Bill and details the bills that died after missing last week’s House of Origin Cutoff.

Washington Legislative Week in Review

HB 1327, known as the Public Funds Bill, passed the Washington State House on Jan. 30, and floor action is expected in the Senate this week. A number of other pieces of legislation affecting credit unions saw action last week as well.

Washington Legislature Looks to Bridge $1.5 Billion Budget Shortfall During Regular Session

The Washington State Legislature began its regular session last week, with the main task at hand being to close a roughly $1.5 billion budget shortfall. Taxes and tax exemptions continue to play a major role in the discussion.

Social Security Administration to Change How Social Security Numbers are Assigned

In a move called ‘randomization’ the Social Security Administration will change the way Social Security Numbers are issued.