NCUA Approves Risk-Based Capital Rule

Inclusion of secondary capital in RBC ratio is a big win for Northwest credit unions, but the rule remains “a solution in search of a problem” says Nussle.

NCUA to Discuss RBC2 Final Rule at October 15 Meeting

A vote on the final version of the National Credit Union Administration’s revised risk-based capital proposal is on the agenda for the agency’s October 15 meeting.

Now is the Critical Moment to File RBC2 Comment Letter

Less than one month left in the comment period for the latest NCUA risk-based capital proposal. Write your letter now.

New RBC Proposal: What Does it Say, and What’s Next?

Breaking News: The NCUA last week released a much anticipated revised risk-based capital proposal.

McWatters Favors Secondary Capital, Working Group Formed

NCUA Board Member McWatters wants supplemental capital included in new RBC proposal; Chair Matz announces supplemental capital and field of membership working groups.

Expect New RBC Proposal January 15

NCUA Chair Debbie Matz plans to unveil a revised RBC proposal at the board’s January 15 open meeting.

RBC, Interest Rate Risk Rule Discussed at Fall Meetings With NCUA

The NWCUA learned that the regulator is taking comments on RBC seriously. Expect new proposal and separate rule for interest rate risk.

NCUA to Propose Revised RBC Rule, Open Second Comment Period

NCUA Chairman Matz says that the new proposal will include a longer implementation period and revised risk-weights, and trigger a second comment period.

Matz Committed to “Warranted” RBC Changes

Responding to Rep. Holding, Matz says that changes are in development, second comment period dependent on changes.