Five Tips for Credit Union Marketing on a Budget

Marketer Derek Gillette offers five practical tips for branding and marketing on a budget. Get his “Branding Without a Budget” ebook for free here.

Compliance Question of the Week

Where can we find the home ownership counseling list?

In Oregon, Cheap to Finance and Drive

Oregon credit unions offer among the least expensive auto loans in the country. And as a bonus, it’s the least expensive state in which to own and drive a vehicle according to two bank monitoring sites releasing studies this week. Take a ride on the savings highway.

Got Smartphone? Get Cash, Thanks to Diebold, Paydiant Partnership

The future is here. Consumers can now use their smartphones, instead of debit or credit cards, to withdraw cash from ATMs. In this week’s Strategic Link Business Partner article, Diebold, Incorporated brings an important technology announcement to the year 2013.

Will Big Data Give Each of Us a Pop-Tarts Moment?

In this week’s Strategic Link business partner article, NCA Security & Technology Insight reports on big data collection and its potentially big benefits to consumers and the financial services providers trying to give those consumers what they really want.

Compliance Question of the Week

How can a member obtain a copy of their ChexSystems report?

Washington DFI Issues Two Regulatory Interpretations, More Expected

The Washington DFI offered clarification on regulations related to use of the terms “audit committee” and “supervisory committee” and to credit unions’ investment options for funding employee benefit obligations. An additional interpretive response is anticipated soon as well.

Financial Reality Fair at GAC an ‘Eye-Opening Experience’ for Teens

On the heels of successful events in Olympia, Wash., and in Washington, D.C., last month, the Oregon Credit Union Day at the Capitol will also give legislators the opportunity to see credit unions’ financial education in action through a Financial Reality Fair.

Giving Financial Literacy the Attention It Deserves

Cyndie Martini, President and CEO of Strategic Link business partner MAP, discusses the important work showcased at a recent White House summit to increase financial literacy and a new toolkit developed by the White House’s Domestic Policy Council.

MAP Helps Unitus Launch ‘Design a Card’ Program

Unitus Community Credit Union launched a credit card personalization service this year using “Design A Card,” an easy-to-use web-based application available through Member Access Pacific, a Strategic Link business partner.

Compliance Update: NCUA says CUSO Can Act as a Landlord

The NCUA stated that a CUSO is permitted to act as a landlord, provided the majority of the property is leased to credit unions and members of affiliated credit unions.

Warren: CFPB Will Work for Reduced Regulatory Burden

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will work to reduce some regulatory burdens faced by credit unions and other financial institutions.