Oregon Legislative Update: First Deadline in Oregon Capitol Reached

With credit union bills already passed houses of origin and moving forward, the first critical deadline of the legislative season leaves other bills ‘dead.’

Credit Unions Serve Their Communities, Add Members With Bank On Oregon

The collaborative program helps Oregon consumers connect with local financial institutions that offer safe, affordable services.

Oregonians Credit Union Staffers Will Take the (Polar) Plunge for Special Olympics

Oregonians Credit Union expects to report an increase in its Frozen Assets next month, but there’s no reason to alert the examiners and regulators. Chilly as the news may sound, these assets will be freezing for a good cause.

Members Turn to Credit Unions for Financial Education and Advice

With financial literacy so engrained in the movement’s DNA, it’s probably no surprise that more and more members are turning to their credit unions for help and advice.

YEA for Oregonians Credit Union; Youth to get Help Starting Businesses

A partnership between Oregonians Credit Union and the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce will give middle and high school students the resources they need to start real-life businesses. The Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a national program, is new to Oregon and was launched last week.

Oregon Financial Education Summit Crosses Industry Lines to Help Unbanked Consumers

The average unbanked household spends an average of $800 to $1,000 each year just to cash checks and pay bills. On Thursday, individuals from across Oregon will search for answers together at the 2013 Financial Education Summit. Will your credit union have a seat at the table?