Compliance Center: New Law Creates Exception to Annual GLBA Privacy Notice Requirement

Learn about the new exception to the GLBA Privacy Notice Requirement; get your question answered about spotting and reporting counterfeit money; plus catch up on this week’s legal briefs.

Fake IRS Phone Calls Defrauding Taxpayers of Millions

Phone scam surges during tax season, tops IRS list of “Dirty Dozen” tax scams for 2015.

Oregon DMV To Issue Alphanumeric Licenses, ID Cards

Oregon’s Department of Motor Vehicles will begin issuing driver’s licenses and ID cards Oct. 21 that use alphanumeric sequences instead of just numbers. The change may require modification to some technology systems.

Criminal Minds: Thinking Like a Hacker Makes Good Data Governance Sense

What can credit union IT departments learn from reading the exploits of the most successful hacking ring ever brought to justice?

Compliance Question of the Week

How do I know whether someone has passed me counterfeit money, and what do I do if they have?

By the Numbers: Delinquencies Down as Northwest Credit Unions Continue to Grow

Northwest credit unions outpaced the region’s for-profit banks in total year-over-year asset, loan, deposit and capital growth in 2012 while also showing favorable trends in terms of delinquency rates.

BECU’s Efforts to Combat Fraud Earn National Praise and Inaccurate Media Reports

Proactive work combatting fraud and identity theft has often left BECU, the nation’s fourth-largest credit union, unfairly associated with such cases in the media.

Credit Unions Add 1.3 Million Members in 2011, Including 400,000 in 4th Quarter

The NCUA reported that U.S. credit unions experienced a net gain of 1,344,936 members in 2011, with nearly 125,000 of those members joining in Oregon and Washington.

How Effective was Bank Transfer Day? NCUA Releases Final 2011 Membership Numbers

The NCUA released final membership growth numbers for 2011, finally quantifying the impact of last fall’s Bank Transfer Season, in which consumers, fueled by grassroots efforts and big-bank fees, switched en masse to credit unions.

Oregon Driver License Numbers to Change Format

The Oregon DMV will begin issuing driver licenses and ID cards with an alphanumeric number within the next few years. Credit unions should make sure their systems are prepared to handle this subtle change.

Use Project Zip Code to Help Members Impact Legislation

Project Zip Code is a free software program that offers easy access to quantifiable membership data, giving credit unions a powerful grassroots tool for working with lawmakers.

Scam Targets Northwest Credit and Plastic Cards; Consumers Warned not to Give Information

A plastic card scam appears to be playing out in the Northwest. Hundreds of consumers received recorded messages overnight telling them their debit or credit cards had been compromised and asking them to input personal information.

Social Security Administration to Change How Social Security Numbers are Assigned

In a move called ‘randomization’ the Social Security Administration will change the way Social Security Numbers are issued.