Bank Transfer Day in Context: What Caused the Movement, and What Comes Next?

NWCUA Director of Public Relations David Bennett looks at the long history of credit unions, using historical context to explain the events of last fall’s Bank Transfer Season and begin forecasting the opportunities ahead.

NWCUA Issues Localized Supplemental Capital Information

As supplemental capital legislation progresses in Congress, the NWCUA has issued talking points to help Northwest credit union leaders discuss the issue with legislators and the media.

Bob Schumacher Retires as CEO of MountainCrest

Northwest credit union veteran Bob Schumacher retired as CEO of MountainCrest Credit Union but plans an active consulting partnership with a credit union development firm.

Person-to-Person Payment Service Provides Security, Convenience While Keeping Credit Unions in the Transaction

Harland Clarke offers DPXPayâ„¢, a secure person-to-person payment service allowing credit unions to easily send and receive money.

Governor Kitzhaber Nominates Patrick Allen to Direct DCBS

Patrick Allen, recently nominated to direct Oregon’s Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS), invites credit unions to help him truly understand their operations with the belief that regulation can be tailored to fit segments of the financial services industry.

Bank Transfer Day Nets New Members, But What Now?

Bank Transfer Day prompted unprecedented swells in new membership for credit unions. But what are credit unions doing now to engage these new members?

Planning to Leave Your Bank on Bank Transfer Day? Here’s How to Take Action

As Bank Transfer Day draws near, here is some information to share with potential members who are considering switching from their bank to a not-for-profit credit union.

The Effects of Overdraft Fee Regulations: One Year Later

John M. Floyd, Chairman and CEO of John M. Floyd & Associates, analyzes the impact of the Reg E opt-in requirement on overdraft fees for electronic transactions and stresses the importance of a compliant overdraft protection program with strong management oversight.

Compliance Question of the Week

Is a credit union considered a federal contractor for affirmative action purposes when it is authorized to issue savings bonds? And since we will no longer issue savings bonds starting on Jan. 1, 2012, do we still need to have an affirmative action plan?

HR Compliance: Filing Deadline Approaching for EEO-1

All covered employers must file the EEO-1 Report by Sept. 30, 2011, preferably by using the EEOC’s web-based filing system.

Compliance Question of the Week

Should a deceased member’s account(s) continue to earn dividends?

Brown Leads Member Relations Push for NWCUA

Ferris Bueller, the main character of the eponymous movie, said: “Life moves pretty fast.” Danielle Brown, the Association’s head of member relations, knows what he meant.

The Corner Office: Eliminate the MBL Cap

WECU CEO Wayne Langei argues for eliminating the member business lending cap in the first of Anthem’s opinion series.

Federal Legislative Week in Review

We need your help on interchange again. Also, a full report on CEO John Annaloro and President Troy Stang’s meetings with the Fed, NCUA and the NW delegation.

Compliance Question of the Week

Do I have to provide a Risk-based Pricing Notice with the pre-approved credit card offers we send out?

4 Ms Necessary for Successful Marketing

Miss connecting on even one of the Ms, and you will be scratching your head wondering why you are getting beaten up by your competition.

Treasury Releases Interim Final Rule Changing Garnishment Procedures

Late last week the Treasury released its interim final rule that will make radical changes to your credit union’s garnishment proceedings. This rule applies unless the garnishor is the Federal government or a State child protection agency.