NCUA Warns of Text Phishing Scam

The regulator has received consumer calls about a suspicious text message claiming to come from the agency.

Dive Into Your New Pro-Credit Union Messaging Resource Center

The online Resource Center includes turn-key and customizable solutions for each Northwest credit union to craft its unique message of impact.

GAC: Northwest Credit Unions Bring Powerful Message to D.C. and Come Home with Honors

Over 200 credit union advocates from Oregon and Washington attended CUNA’s GAC, sharing the credit union difference in our nation’s capital and being honored for their accomplishments.

Share 80th Anniversary Message with Members, Nonmembers

The 80th anniversary of the day President Roosevelt signed the Federal Credit Union Act is June 26. The NWCUA invites credit unions to celebrate with a social media event.

Huey Will Tell NWCUA Marketers’ Conference: ‘The Messenger Is As Important As The Message’

A nationally renowned communications trainer shatters the myth that successful marketing is all about touting benefits over features. Anthony Huey says the messenger is as important as the message. At the NWCUA Marketers’ Conference in May, Huey will offer transformative, on-camera training to attendees that will send them back to their credit unions as more effective communicators.

More Than 200 Northwest Advocates Will Spread the Credit Union Message at 2014 GAC in Washington, D.C.

Tony Blair and Madeleine Albright will be the keynote speakers. Rocker Eddie Money will headline an opening concert. And two of the four Herb Wegner Memorial Awards will go to Northwest executives at a gala event emceed by the NWCUA’s Denise Gabel. But for more than 200 Northwest credit union advocates, the most important part of CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C., next month will be the chance to meet with every member of the Northwest Congressional delegation.

Why They Won: Advocacy Awards Honor Van Vleet, Hoff, Jensen, and Hawkins

Brooke Van Vleet, Larry Hoff, Jake Jensen, and Sadie Hawkins may not really say “don’t tax my credit union” in their sleep, but the winners of this year’s NWCUA Advocacy awards certainly fill their waking hours with efforts to advance the credit union message.

Keynote Speakers at Amplify: Embrace Innovation But Always Remember, ‘The Messenger Is As Important As The Message’

“Winging it” might not work when credit unions want to share their story with the news media, but embracing innovation and quickly being able to think on your feet—and out of the box—can often be the key to success. Those were among the talents demonstrated last week at the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Amplify Convention in Portland.

Digital Campaign Connects Main Street to Congress with ‘Don’t Tax’ Message

A digital campaign spread over 100 websites will connect Main Street consumers to Congress through a simple message: “Don’t Tax my Credit Union.” The NWCUA launched the month-long campaign this week.

Credit Unions Urged to Tweet Senate Today for “Don’t Tax Tuesday”

The NWCUA and CUNA are calling all credit unions to blitz the US Senate with social media messages July 23—“Don’t Tax Tuesday.” Senators have until Friday to submit their tax reform proposals. A persistent and passionate credit union voice may secure credit union’s tax status.

NWCUA Sends ECONorthwest Report to President Obama

NWCUA President/CEO Troy Stang has shared the ECONorthwest study with President Obama. In a letter sent to the White House this week, Stang discredits the bank lobby’s claims about credit unions’ tax model.

Picture of a paper stick figure cutout.

Thousands of Northwest Voices Message Congress in Support of Credit Union Tax Model

In the first two weeks of a national call to action to protect credit unions’ tax status, more than 5,500 grassroots contacts were made with Congress by Northwest advocates.

Northwest Credit Unions Go Online to Engage Members in Tax Issue

Northwest credit unions are educating their members about the benefits of the tax model and asking them to contact Congress. Many are using their social media and websites to connect with members for this important discussion.

Thousands Dial in for CUNA’s “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” Call to Action

Thousands of American credit union advocates rallied around a “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” call to action Wednesday, dialing in or logging onto a webinar hosted by the Credit Union National Association. CUNA called on credit unions to engage millions of members to contact Congress immediately.

Credit Union Members, Staff and Directors Asked to Tell Congress, “Don’t Tax My Credit Union”

Main Street members are being called to advocate for credit unions’ tax status as Congress examines all exemptions with the “blank sheet of paper” approach. A new website,, offers resources.

Is Viral Video Ticket to Gen Y?

Do credit unions have a chance to attract Gen Y members? Psychology-of-marketing guru Maya Bordeau believes they do. Bordeau shared the science of viral video with attendees to the NWCUA’s second annual Marketers’ Conference.

Spokane Credit Union Uses New Brand to Create ‘Global Citizens’

When Global Credit Union publicly launched its new brand last month, it unveiled a new look and a new strategic vision that together embody the foundations of both the credit union itself and the broader credit union movement.

Upside Down is Right Side Up for Bank Transfer Day Founder

For Kristen Christian, the year since she founded Bank Transfer Day has been a whirlwind, but she remains committed to the day’s original goal. “I’ve been so proud to see credit unions share the unique implementations of the ‘people helping people’ mission,” she said.