Merkley on MBL Bill: ‘Let’s Get That Done!’

Sen. Jeff Merkley touched on his support for the MBL bill and outlined his plan for rejuvenating the housing market during Thursday morning’s general session at the NWCUA’s Convention.

Congresswoman Herrera Beutler Addresses NWCUA Convention

Washington Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler received a standing ovation during a visit to the NWCUA Convention. She said support for member business lending is not a Republican or Democrat issue but is about employment.

Business Loan Legal Opinion Redefines Number and Use of “Fleet” Vehicles

A recent NCUA legal opinion revises the definition of a “fleet” for purposes of MBLs. The updated definition allows for five or more vehicles that are centrally controlled and used for a business purpose, giving credit unions greater flexibility in making lending decisions.

Blumenauer Vocalizes Support of MBL Bill in House as Northwest Credit Unions Hike the Hill

As Northwest credit unions join counterparts from other states for a fall Hike the Hill event, Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer addressed Congress in support of MBL legislation.

Federal Lawmakers, CUNA Senior Leadership and Credit Unions Share MBL Story with Media

St. Helens Community CEO Brooke Van Vleet steps into the national spotlight tomorrow at a Washington, D.C., media event showcasing small-business lending. Her panel will follow remarks by Sen. Mark Udall, Rep. Ed Royce and CUNA President and CEO Bill Cheney.

Northwest Credit Union Business Lending Up 11 Percent

According to data released by the NCUA, Northwest credit unions have more than $2.3 billion in outstanding MBLs through June 31, 2012, marking a quarter-over-quarter increase of 2 percent in Oregon and 2.8 percent in Washington.

CUNA’s Magill Tells Reuters that TAG, MBL Bills May Move in Combination

An article in Reuters yesterday about the banks’ push to extend TAG coverage quoted CUNA’s John Magill, who said senators have indicated that “marrying TAG, which the banks really want, with the MBL bill, which we are lobbying for, would work.”

STCU’s Tom Johnson Seizes the Moment to Talk MBLs with SBA Administrator

Being prepared at any time to beat the drum for MBL legislation pays off. During the recent spring Hike the Hill trip, the CEO of a large Spokane credit union quite literally gave the “elevator speech” to an influential government leader.

Pear Man Loans Open Ag Niche for Credit Union MBLs

As local farmers retire, North Coast Credit Union, through a program passed along by Express Credit Union, is finding a way to keep local agriculture alive and community members employed by working with a non-profit farm/farmer incubator program.

Call to CEOs: Results, Answers as Northwest Credit Unions Continue Push for MBL

The NWCUA updated the region’s credit union CEOs on member business lending (MBL) legislation, explaining that S. 2231 is quietly gaining approval among Senators on both sides of the aisle despite deep election-year division in Congress.

NCUA Q1 Data Shows Northwest Consumers, Businesses Continuing to Flock to Safety of Credit Unions

Northwest credit union membership continued to grow in the first quarter of 2012, according to NCUA reports, and MBLs in the region increased by more than $44 million compared to the same period in 2011.

Credit Unions Continue Steady Push for MBL Cap Increase

Credit unions have been engaged in a long-term advocacy campaign ever since Sen. Harry Reid promised a floor vote for the credit union MBL bill in March. The bill remains on the Senate calendar and could therefore be called to the floor at any time.

Member Business Loan Helps Couple Open Second Restaurant

A Seattle couple financed their dream and hired 14 employees with a Member Business Loan from Harborstone CU. Balwant and Maninder Bahia now own two Subway restaurants.

MBL Banner Takes Message to Washington Politicians and Local Democratic Party

Serving members is the paramount duty of credit unions. After being unable to meet the needs of members seeking business loans, a Tacoma credit union decided to get active in the MBL fight.

Community Bankers on Capitol Hill Speaking Out Against MBL Bill

Credit unions nationwide continue to advocate in favor of raising the MBL cap, even as the measure’s latest opponent, the Independent Community Bankers of America, takes to the Hill to speak out against the bill.

MBL Update: Senate Vote Remains on the Horizon as Advocacy Efforts Continue

Credit unions are continuing their strong grassroots push in support of S. 2231, but it is unlikely the measure will see a vote this week. Independent and community bankers are currently on the Hill working in opposition to the measure.

Senate Vote on MBL Bill Expected Next Week as Credit Unions Continue Advocacy

Credit union activists from Oregon and Washington have logged more than 1800 contacts through CUNA’s advocacy site in support of raising the MBL cap. With a Senate vote not expected until next week, there is still time to deepen the impact.

Credit Unions ‘Fact Check’ ABA Talking Points, Continue to Rally MBL Support

As credit unions continue to push to raise the MBL cap, the banks continue to put up roadblocks. Credit unions have issued a document “fact checking” the ABA’s talking points against S. 2231 as Northwest credit unions continue advocacy efforts.