NWCUA to Relocate Oregon Offices to Convenient Tigard Facility

The Northwest Credit Union Association will move its Oregon offices four miles south to Tigard in February 2014 to provide easier access from major freeways and larger facilities for meetings and conferences.

Bi-Partisan Senate Legislation Aims to Provide Regulatory Relief

A bill introduced in the Senate last month would require independent agencies, such as the CFPB and NCUA, to analyze the costs and benefits of new regulations and tailor new rules to minimize unnecessary burdens on the economy, a move that could ease the rate at which new regulations are introduced.

Compliance Gets to Breathe Easier for the Second Half of 2010

The three major regulation changes (Regs. E, Z and FACTA) that went into effect today mark the turning point for the majority of the changes we will see in 2010.