NWCUA/CUES Executive Summit Attendees Hear Study Debunking Bank Lobby Claims about Credit Union Tax Model

More than 60 credit union leaders took a deep dive into the ECONorthwest study debunking the bank lobby’s claims about the credit union tax model. The study was a keynote presentation at the NWCUA/CUES Executive Summit taking place this week in Sunriver, Oregon.

Picture of the Oregon State Capitol

Oregon Economists’ Analysis Debunks Bank Lobby Claims about Credit Union Tax Status

An economic study of national and northwest data discredits the bank lobby’s claims that credit unions should lose their corporate tax exemption. The ECONorthwest report finds that credit unions’ tax status does not give them an unfair competitive advantage over banks.

NWCUA Credit Union Act Bill Passes in Oregon Senate

Senate Bill 520, which updates the Oregon Credit Union Act, has passed in the Senate and will heads for the House.