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Where Are They Now? Bank Transfer Day Five Years Later

A flood of members joined credit unions because of Bank Transfer Day five years ago. Where are they now? How have their financial lives improved? Share their stories for the anniversary.

Credit Union Movement Surpasses 100 Million Memberships

Credit unions have officially reached a membership milestone: 100 million Americans are members. Credit unions added 2.85 million new members over the past year.

Our Community’s Bert Fisher Chosen to Represent District 7 on NWCUA Board

Bert Fisher, president and CEO of Our Community Credit Union, has joined the NWCUA board of directors as the District 7 interim director, filling the seat vacated in November by Tom Graves.

Estimates Show Thousands Joined Northwest Credit Unions on Bank Transfer Day

According to a survey by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), more than 2,000 Northwest consumers switched to a credit union on Bank Transfer Day last Saturday—a day when most credit union branches are usually closed.