Compliance, Revenue, Customer Service: How Two Credit Unions Made One Choice and Got All Three

New opt-in requirements for overdraft protection on electronic transactions had two credit unions worried about compliance, member services, and lost income.

CFPB Releases Initial Overdraft Study Results

The CFPB will continue to study overdraft programs before addressing any policy changes. But the Bureau has released the initial results of its 2012 inquiry. In our Strategic Link business partner feature this week, John M. Floyd, chairman and CEO of JMFA, shares perspective on the report.

Strategic Link Question of the Week

We would like to implement an overdraft program that is both a financial safety net for our members and a source of revenue for the credit union. Do any Strategic Link business partners provide this kind of service?

Getting Better Results in Today’s Environment Requires a More Systematic Approach

With many obstacles related to the economic downturn persisting into the New Year, credit unions need to examine their organization to find ways to improve performance and reduce expenses—from the executive suite to back-office operations and every branch facility—without damaging member service levels.

Addressing the Impact of Overdraft Policies on Low-Income and Young Consumers

Strategic Link business partner John M. Floyd and Associates has been working to provide the CFPB with a balanced look at how transparent overdraft programs can benefit informed account holders, and their findings revealed patterns of overdraft use that disproportionately impacts young adults and consumers of low and moderate income.

Cut Contract Costs and Get Better Service in 2013

John M. Floyd explains that finding ways to work more cost-effectively will have a major impact on your ability to reach your credit union’s performance goals in 2013. Even if you have already trimmed all the extras from your budget, you could still be paying too much for your monthly service contracts.

Protect Your Credit Union from Legal Challenges with a Compliant Overdraft Program

Strategic Link business partner JMFA writes about how its Overdraft Privilege program can help credit unions avoid lawsuits and litigation regarding overdraft fees.

CUES Renews Agreement with JMFA ESG

Strategic Link partner JMFA Executive Search Group reports that it has extended its partnership with the Credit Union Executives Society to provide credit unions with continued access to exceptional talent recruitment at an affordable cost.

JMFA Executive Search Group Expands Services

With more than 100 years of combined recruiting experience, JMFA Executive Search Group specializes in providing financial institutions with the executive leadership needed to sustain excellent performance in today’s challenging environment.

The Days of Matrix Overdraft Programs Are Over

John M. Floyd explains how JMFA Overdraft Privilege® can ease credit unions’ regulatory burden and provide improved member service as a fully-transparent overdraft program with a 100 percent compliance guarantee.

2011 in Review: What the Changing Environment Means for Credit Unions

JMFA offers suggestions for minimizing expenses in 2012 without sacrificing quality member service.

2011 in Review: What the Changing Environment Means for Credit Unions

JMFA offers suggestions for minimizing expenses in 2012 without sacrificing quality member service.

JMFA Webcast Offers Concrete Strategy to Attract Members, Grow Non-Interest Income

JMFA is offering a free webcast to help credit unions leverage the current financial climate to attract new members and grow non-interest income.

Boosting Fee Income Can Lead to Increased Market Share

John M. Floyd & Associates offers strategies for increasing revenue and growing membership through a renewed focus on building primary relationships around checking accounts.

Disclosed Overdraft Program Can Contribute to Overall Non-Interest Income and Provide Member Peace of Mind

In a guest article from business partner JMFA, an overdraft program is offered to increase income and offset the anticipated impact of the interchange fee cap.

Make Sure You Have the Facts About Reg E Before Discounting Its Impact

Despite the remaining confusion in the marketplace about the implications of new regulations, you know that your members expect you to provide the services they need.