Northwest Credit Unions Record Impressive Growth in Assets, Membership and Deposits

Northwest credit unions continue to trend well, according to an analysis of Q4 financial data by the NWCUA. Asset growth, ROA and net worth are all increasing, while charge-offs and delinquency ratios continue to decline.

Washington DFI Issues Guidance on State Credit Union Investments in Employee Benefit Trusts

DCU Interpretive Letter I-13-02 concludes that state-chartered credit unions may make certain investments that are otherwise impermissible as long as they are for the express purpose of funding employee benefit obligations.

Washington DFI Issues Two Regulatory Interpretations, More Expected

The Washington DFI offered clarification on regulations related to use of the terms “audit committee” and “supervisory committee” and to credit unions’ investment options for funding employee benefit obligations. An additional interpretive response is anticipated soon as well.

What HB 1582 Really Means for Washington State-Chartered Credit Unions

With two NWCUA-sponsored bills moving quickly through the Washington State Legislature, credit unions should begin looking ahead at how the bill will affect them should Gov. Jay Inslee sign it into law.

Eurozone Crisis Has U.S. Consumers Seeking Financial Safety

More than a direct effect on the operations of financial institutions or the U.S. economy, the Eurozone situation is beginning to create concern among consumers for the safety of their money and the stability of the economy.

Know Your Safekeeper: The Importance of Protecting Your Investments

Gary Tantleff, Managing Director – Credit Union Advisory Group at UBS, discusses several recommended practices related to the management and safekeeping of investments.