Compliance Center: CFPB Releases Additional Resources to Help With HMDA Rule Changes

Get the latest resources for HMDA implementation; your question answered about opening a conservatorship or guardian account; plus this week’s legal briefs.

CFPB Announces Final HMDA Rule

The NWCUA and CUNA point out the rule’s detrimental impact—especially on small credit unions—despite certain concessions.

Compliance Center: CFPB Releases Insight into Potential HMDA Charges

A fact sheet from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau explains changes the bureau is considering to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. Also in today’s Anthem: Legal Briefs, and the Question of the Week: “How do we ID a minor when they are opening an account?”

Legal Briefs

Your weekly update on the regulatory landscape.

Legal Briefs

Your weekly update on the regulatory landscape.

CFPB Releases ECOA Baseline Review Modules

The CFPB has released new modules that will be used by examiners to identify risks of Equal Credit Opportunity Act violations. The NWCUA compliance team provides a brief important to credit unions.

Summary of the NCUA Webinar on Fair Lending Exams

The NCUA has announced more structure around its Fair Lending Examination Program. Responsibility for the program is now with the Office of Consumer Protection.

NCUA Explains Fair Lending Exam Program’s Latest Developments

The NCUA released Letter to Federal Credit Unions 13-FCU-02 Tuesday, which outlines a number of developments in the NCUA’s Fair Lending Examination Program, including new educational and compliance tools and the institution of off-site supervision contacts in certain instances.

CFPB Releases Updated HDMA Asset-Size Exemption Threshold

The CFPB issued a final rule increasing the asset-size exemption for credit unions under Regulation C, which implements the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, to $42 million.

Legal Briefs

Your weekly update on the regulatory landscape.

2011 HMDA Requirements Outlined by NCUA

The National Credit Union Administration in its Regulatory Alert No. 11-RA-02 is reminding credit unions that engage in residential mortgage lending of their 2011 reporting obligations under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act.

Legal Briefs February 17, 2011

Your update of the regulatory landscape.