CFPB Proposes Extension of the Use of Estimates on Remittance Transfer Disclosures

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released a proposed rule that would extend a temporary provision that allows credit unions to use estimates for certain fees on remittance transfer pricing disclosures. Also in today’s Anthem: Legal Briefs, and the Question of the Week: “Which logo do I use: Equal Housing Opportunity, or Equal Housing Lender?”

Compliance Question of the Week

Can a credit union have a lending promotion where people living in a certain area (like close to a new branch) get a discount on their interest rate?

Rules Affecting Fair Housing and Flood Insurance Updated

Having identified the need to update rules governing fair housing and flood insurance, the NCUA adopted a final rule that will require credit unions to update both their Equal Housing Lender sign and the standard flood hazard determination form.

Compliance Question of the Week

Where on our website do we have to include the NCUA and Equal Housing logos?

Compliance Question of the Week

Which logo do I use: equal housing opportunity or equal housing lender?