NCUF’s Newest CUDE Graduates from the Northwest Agree: ‘It Always Comes Back to Serving Our Members’

Three Northwest credit union executives can now add CUDE to their titles after completing the NCUF’s Credit Union Development Educator training. Says Peninsula Community Federal Credit Union’s Kimberly Ingham: “It always comes back to serving our members, and CUDE solidified that for me.”

Five Northwest Credit Union Pros Earn Coveted ‘Development Educator’ Designation

Five credit union professionals from the Northwest recently earned the title of Credit Union Development Educator: Steve Pagenstecher (Valley), Teresa Shively (Gesa), Sasha Kemble (Verity), Mitzi Smith (Maps) and Josh Bergman (WSECU).

NW Credit Union Professional Becomes an International Development Educator

Tina Hall has joined the vaunted ranks of the International Credit Union Development Educator designate and will be celebrated at the next meeting in Glasgow, Scotland.

Eight Washingonians Earn Credit Union Development Educator Status on Puget Sound Island

Eight credit union professionals from Washington earned their Development Educator (DE) designation after a week-long training at Islandwood, a school on Bainbridge Is., Wash.