Picture of the Lopez family

More Than a Loan: Credit Union Inspires Hope

The recession knocked the Lopez family down – but their credit union gave them a leg up.

Picture of a classroom

Northwest Credit Unions Deliver Impact in More Than One Language

It’s in the Clackamas FCU DNA to be foundational to the local economy in English—and Spanish.

Picture of Angie at the school campus

From Small Beginnings, a Big Idea Grows

A Northwest woman starts a pre-school from the ground up – with the help of her credit union.

Northwest Credit Unions Drive $7.7 Billion Economic Impact

An independent economic study finds that Washington and Oregon credit unions drove a positive, $7.7 billion impact on the region’s economy last year

Washington Credit Unions Deliver $5.5 Billion Boost to State, Consumers

Washington’s credit unions drove a positive, $5.5 billion impact on the state’s economy last year, according to a just-released, independent economic analysis performed by ECONorthwest

Oregon Credit Unions Deliver $2.2 Billion Economic Boost to State, Consumers

Oregon’s credit unions drove a positive, $2.2 billion impact on the state’s economy in 2016, according to an independent economic analysis performed by ECONorthwest.

ECONorthwest Brings Deep Planning, Finance and Economics Expertise to Credit Unions

Through a unique partnership with Strategic Link, the respected economic consultancy is offering services tailored to credit unions.

$352 Million in Direct Benefits: What Does That Mean?

The recent Northwest credit union economic impact study found $352 million in direct member benefits. Here’s what that means.

Adding up $6.8 Billion in Credit Union Impact

With family-wage jobs, direct member benefits, and strong business activities, credit unions’ impact adds up.

Explore the ECONorthwest Report Online Toolkit

Our comprehensive toolkit is full of valuable resources for you to easily share the impact of Northwest credit unions.

Economic Study to Document Credit Unions’ Impact; First Look Will be at Amplify Convention

An in depth study will document the impact Northwest credit unions have on their local economies. Attendees to Amplify Convention will be the first to see the data.

NWCUA Sends ECONorthwest Report to President Obama

NWCUA President/CEO Troy Stang has shared the ECONorthwest study with President Obama. In a letter sent to the White House this week, Stang discredits the bank lobby’s claims about credit unions’ tax model.

Picture of the Oregon State Capitol

Oregon Economists’ Analysis Debunks Bank Lobby Claims about Credit Union Tax Status

An economic study of national and northwest data discredits the bank lobby’s claims that credit unions should lose their corporate tax exemption. The ECONorthwest report finds that credit unions’ tax status does not give them an unfair competitive advantage over banks.