Deadline Nears for Participation in 2014 Sprint Discount Program

Credit unions that want to earn non-interest income by offering Sprint discounts to their members have until June 1 to sign up for 2014 benefits. Some of the credit unions that participated last year received checks for more than $20,000.

Sprint Discount Program a Big Win for Credit Unions & Members

Thirty-six Northwest credit unions shared more than $200,000 in non-interest income last year, thanks to their participation in the Sprint Discount program. For some participants, the result was a bonanza as high as nearly $24,000.

CU Solutions Group’s TurboTax Program Features Discounts, Sweepstakes

Members can take advantage of exclusive discounts and enter for a chance to triple their refund in CU Solutions Group’s TurboTax program for credit unions.

Sprint Offers Discounts to Members, and Income Incentives for Participating Credit Unions

Credit unions can earn non-interest income by offering Sprint discounts to their members. The deadline to sign up for 2013 benefits is May 30. Some of the credit unions that participated in 2012 received checks for more than $20,000.

Increase Value of Membership with IIA’s Tax Preparation Discounts

In addition to helping your members save money during tax season, Invest in America’s partnerships with TurboTax and Jackson Hewitt add value to online banking services, increase cross-selling opportunities and boost member retention.

Sprint Program Offers Meaningful Discounts for Members, Non-Interest Income for Credit Unions

Credit unions enrolling in the Sprint Credit Union Member Program through CU Solutions Group by Sept. 7 can participate for the full 2012-13 fiscal year. Last year, a 10,000-member credit union would have earned $3,300 in non-interest income.

Help Members Unlock Savings with Visa Merchant Offer Inserts

Encourage cardholder usage and loyalty with market-ready inserts from Strategic Link business partner Card Services for Credit Unions. CSCU will provide free Winter Merchant Offer inserts with the purchase of summer inserts at a discounted rate.

Receive More for Less with CSCU Premium Enhancement Bundle

Strategic Link business partner Card Services for Credit Unions writes about how its Premium Enhancement Bundle can enrich credit unions’ card programs, allowing credit unions to spend less by adding more.

Keep New Members Engaged By Enhancing Membership Value Through Strategic Link Partnerships

The events surrounding last fall’s Bank Transfer Day brought increased awareness and scores of new members. Credit unions can retain and engage those members by working with the NWCUA and Strategic Link to enhance the value of membership.

Take Advantage of NWCUA Agreement with OfficeMax for Easy Savings

As a Strategic Link business partner, OfficeMax offers substantial discounts to credit unions on a variety of products and services.

Credit Unions Earn Non-Interest Income for Offering Discounts to Members Through Sprint

Several credit unions received as much as $20,000 for participating in the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Program in 2011, a program offered through Strategic Link, the NWCUA’s wholly-owned service corporation.

Strategic Link Helps Credit Unions Save Money, Serve Members

The NWCUA rolled out its newly-branded service corporation, Strategic Link, complete with a redesigned website and a number of solutions to help credit unions save money while better serving their members.

Credit Unions Can Offer TurboTax, Jackson Hewitt Discounts Through Invest in America

Bob Bearden of CU Solutions Group explains how Invest in America’s TurboTax and Jackson Hewitt discount programs can help credit unions save their members money.

Invest in America Wins Wegner Award for Outstanding Program

Association partner Invest in America was announced as a recipient of the prestigious Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Outstanding Program, presented by NCUF.

Free Webinar Help CUs Take Advantage of Invest in America Program

A free webinar set for Tuesday, Feb. 15, and presented by Invest in America, will teach you how to take advantage of the program that increases the value of membership and stimulates the economy. The hour-and-a-half webinar begins at 1:30 p.m.