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Marketing Focus with Spokane Federal and Rivermark Community Credit Unions on the Sprint Member Discount Program

We talked to two members on their onboarding with the Sprint Member Discount program, which brings in significant non-interest income for some credit unions while offering value-add discounts for their members.

GM Credit Union Discount Program Sunsets

After nearly seven years of success driving car sales and credit union loans, GM will suspend the program this October.

Deadline Nears for Participation in 2014 Sprint Discount Program

Credit unions that want to earn non-interest income by offering Sprint discounts to their members have until June 1 to sign up for 2014 benefits. Some of the credit unions that participated last year received checks for more than $20,000.

Sprint Discount Program a Big Win for Credit Unions & Members

Thirty-six Northwest credit unions shared more than $200,000 in non-interest income last year, thanks to their participation in the Sprint Discount program. For some participants, the result was a bonanza as high as nearly $24,000.

Credit Union Member Discount from GM Now Bigger, Simpler, Better

Credit union members can now save even more on most Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles with the Credit Union Member Discount from GM and CU Solutions Group.

Strategic Link Question of the Week

Our credit union is participating in the Sprint Program with Invest in America. Do our members need to verify themselves as credit union members to continue receiving the monthly discount on their cell phone bill?

Fibre Federal Builds Member Loyalty, Earns Non-Interest Income through IIA

Through its participation in the Invest in America member rewards program, Fibre Federal Credit Union members are eligible for discounts from GM, Sprint, Shop America and TurboTax. “We know that by presenting our members with money-saving opportunities we create stronger loyalty, which pays off through additional business and positive word of mouth,” said Lesley Carrell.

Increase Value of Membership with IIA’s Tax Preparation Discounts

In addition to helping your members save money during tax season, Invest in America’s partnerships with TurboTax and Jackson Hewitt add value to online banking services, increase cross-selling opportunities and boost member retention.

Keep Sprint in Your Members’ Minds

Invest in America, a Strategic Link business partner, offers a friendly reminder that the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount program provides benefits and savings to members and a path to non-interest income for the credit union.

Enroll in the TurboTax Discount Program and Members Could ‘Double Their Refund’

Credit unions have until Thursday to become a TurboTax Promoter through Invest in America, a Strategic Link business partner, allowing members to save on TurboTax’s top-selling federal products.

Sprint Program Offers Meaningful Discounts for Members, Non-Interest Income for Credit Unions

Credit unions enrolling in the Sprint Credit Union Member Program through CU Solutions Group by Sept. 7 can participate for the full 2012-13 fiscal year. Last year, a 10,000-member credit union would have earned $3,300 in non-interest income.

Enroll in the Premium GM Program and Receive Enhanced Benefits

The Invest in America Credit Union Member Discount from GM has been enhanced to drive more loans to credit unions. By enrolling at the Premium Level, credit unions can maximize loans while offering their members this valuable discount.

The CFPB Outlines Possible Mortgage Rules

New mortgage rules would simplify mortgage points and fees and bring greater transparency to the mortgage loan origination market by January 2013.

Enroll in the Premium GM Program & Receive Enhanced Benefits

Enhanced to drive more loans to your credit union, the Invest in America Credit Union Member Discount from GM allows credit unions to maximize loans while offering this valuable discount and benefit of membership to their members.

Earn up to $750 with the Sprint Business Member Referral Promotion!

Sprint, a Strategic Link business partner, is now offering referral rewards on top of the existing savings and discounts already available to new customers.

Invest in America Enhances GM Program to Provide More Discounts and More Auto Loans

Strategic Link business partner Invest in America was recognized by the NCUF with the Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Outstanding Credit Union Program thanks to initiatives like its GM program, which drives auto loans to credit unions.

Invest in America and GM Team to Drive Auto Loans to Credit Unions

Invest in America, a Strategic Link Business Partner, is offering an excellent opportunity for credit unions to secure incremental auto financing through the Credit Union Member Discount from GM.

Sprint Program Pays Credit Unions to Help Their Members Save

In this economically challenging time, Sprint’s Credit Union Member Discount Program provides a simple way for your credit union to improve its bottom line and enhance the value of membership.