CFPB Temporarily Delays Prohibition on Financincing of Single Premium Insurance

The CFPB has issued a proposed rule that temporarily delays the effective date on the prohibition on creditors financing single-premium credit insurance products.

Federal Appeals Court Decision Could Delay the Implementation of Several Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Regulations

An improperly conducted cost-benefit analysis could delay the implementation of several regulations.

Federal Legislative Week in Review

In another sign that the debate is heating up, the National Retail Federation will kickoff of its “60 Day Swipe Fee Reform” campaign, in response to our strong grassroots efforts to delay the rule.

Industry Continues to Press for Change on New Regulations

With credit unions and banks aligned in their efforts to convince regulators and lawmakers to delay implementation of restrictions
on debit card interchange fees, the Federal Reserve Board has stated that any attempt to amend or delay the controversial rule is out of its hands and must start with Congress.