Catalyst Strategic Solutions Offers Six Economic Signposts for the Road Ahead

Brian Turner, chief strategist for Catalyst Strategic Solutions, looks ahead to 2014 and offers six economic road signs he sees in credit unions’ future.

Northwest Credit Unions Compare Favorably to Peers and Competitors Through Year’s First Half

Oregon and Washington credit unions have seen steady improvements across the board through the first half of the year, far exceeding regional commercial and savings banks. Here is a statistical breakdown of the financial data for that past two quarters.

Rating Agencies Call One-Fourth of Northwest Banks Problematic

Bauer Financial and Highline Financial found that 24 percent of Washington-based banks and 16 percent of Oregon-based banks are considered problematic or troubled.

GM Partnership Driving Loan Preapproval to CUs

Invest in America is helping credit unions generate new auto loans through its partnership with General Motors.