Enhanced Fraud Detection Capabilities Added to Revelation by CO-OP Analytics Solution

Credit unions can identify and minimize card-based fraud faster and easier with these new tools.

Update: CUNA Posts Online Survey to Gauge Financial Impact of Target Breach

CUNA posted an online survey today to collect information about the costs incurred by credit unions in response to the massive data breach at Target stores nationwide; Alabama State Employees Credit Union files class-action lawsuit; Target warns consumers about phishing emails.

Credit Unions Say Debit-Card Fraud May Be Linked to Wholesale Grocer’s Stores

Credit unions in eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana are being urged to watch for unauthorized debit- and credit-card transactions this week as the U.S. Secret Service continues to investigate a rash of fraud cases that may be linked to a local grocery wholesaler.

Sony Data Breach Wider than Originally Thought

Following news of another network breach, more than 100 million user accounts are now thought to have been compromised. Sony is also considering covering the cost of reissuing compromised cards.

Sony Latest to be Hit by Data Breach

With up to 70 million customers’ data compromised, criminals could use the data—possibly including credit card information—to access email and online bank account.