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Kitsap Credit Unions Collaborate to Help Consumers Manage their Money

Three Kitsap County credit unions are collaborating for the second public event this year designed to help members cope with economic concerns. The next event, scheduled for Wednesday, will offer money management workshops.

Canadian Credit Union Panel Set to Discuss Shared Issues, Collaborative Opportunities

“Our resources are being stretched, and there is a new federal rule that will soon begin coming into play that regulates credit unions on a federal level,” said Dominic Vinci, vice president and COO of Canada’s Interior Savings Credit Union. “Regulation in Canada is vigorous and getting worse.”

Cooperative Ad Campaign May Hold Key to Promoting Credit Union Message to Consumers Weary of Big Bank Fees

As consumers consider leaving big bank fees behind, Northwest credit unions explore the opportunity to share reaching them via a cooperative marketing campaign. The NWCUA will host a meeting for interested Oregon and Washington credit unions on Oct. 25.