Graphic of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington represented as puzzle pieces

NWCUA, ICUL Announce Two Year Strategic Management Alliance

NWCUA will provide a full suite of Association products, services, and programming to ICUL member credit unions.

NWCUA, Idaho Credit Union League Announce Multi-Year Annual Convention Collaboration

The collaboration begins in October 2017.

NCUA Has $1.2 Million Grant Fund for Low-Income Credit Unions

The NCUA has $1.2 million to give to low-income credit unions looking to launch new products, gain CDFI certification or develop staff. Grants are being accepted through June 30.

NCA Security & Technology Insights: Work Your Way with Mobile Collaboration

With so many people working remotely, it can be difficult to foster collaboration and spontaneity in the virtual workplace. Strategic Link business partner NCA explains how mobile collaboration tools can re-introduce the human element—and face-to-face interaction—to a workflow dominated by email communications.

NCUA to Award $50,000 Grant to Low-Income Credit Union

The NCUA’s Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives is seeking grant proposals from low-income designated credit unions that will result in long-term savings to a credit union through collaboration. The winning credit union will receive $50,000 in grant funding.

Bridging the Gap: Leveraging Generational Differences to Create a More Effective Workplace

As new generations join the workforce, employers face new challenges. Bob Saunders and Greg Barrett will lead a session entitled, “Changing Workspaces for the Changing Workforce” during the NWCUA 2011 Convention and Annual Business Meeting. It’s About Your People: Understanding Your Most Valuable Asset.