IRS Updates W-9; Credit Unions May Need to Modify Applications

The Internal Revenue Service has released an updated version of Form W-9 and instructions.

Tax Conversation About to Get “Real” in the U.S. Senate

Credit union managers deciding whether to engage members in grassroots contacts with Congress have another reason to move forward: The Senate Finance Committee leaders confirmed Thursday that they are drafting tax reform legislation and asked their colleagues to determine which tax exemptions are preserved.

Credit Union Members, Staff and Directors Asked to Tell Congress, “Don’t Tax My Credit Union”

Main Street members are being called to advocate for credit unions’ tax status as Congress examines all exemptions with the “blank sheet of paper” approach. A new website,, offers resources.

CSCU Answers Frequently Asked Fraud Questions

Strategic Link business partner CSCU explains the importance of fraud protection and answers a number of pressing questions related to current fraud trends and best practices for detection.

CUNA Schedules Pair of Informational Webinars

CUNA has scheduled a free webinar featuring newly-installed CFPB Director Richard Cordray for Februrary, and a free webinar to familiarize credit unions with Project Zip Code is slated for late January.

Project Zip Code Update Ready for Download

The new Project Zip Code software is now available for download. With the recent influx of new members, now is the perfect time for credit unions to update their information.

Use Project Zip Code to Help Members Impact Legislation

Project Zip Code is a free software program that offers easy access to quantifiable membership data, giving credit unions a powerful grassroots tool for working with lawmakers.

Regulatory Advocacy Update

The NWCUA generates and monitors regulatory movement and change at the state and federal levels. The weekly Regulatory Advocacy Update keeps you informed about new developments, how the Association is working for its members and how you can get involved.

Compliance Question of the Week

If a credit union offers to deposit $25 in a member’s share account if the member refers an individual to the credit union, and this individual then opens an account, is the $25 considered a bonus?

Legal Briefs

Your update on the regulatory landscape.

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