Maps Credit Union Awards $10,500 in Scholarships

Staying true to its educational roots, Maps honors local students with scholarships to help them achieve their educational goals.

Credit Union Checking is Still the Consumer’s Best Bet

Media reports this week spotlighted the increasing fees consumers are paying for NSF checks, however, a study shows credit unions impose such fees much less frequently than banks.

Kasasa Program Helps Consumers Leave Big Banks While Facilitating Industry Collaboration

The height of last year’s Bank Transfer Season had many credit unions scrambling to keep up with demand from consumers wanting to switch from a big bank to a local credit union. A new program from BancVue called Kasasa has made it easier for consumers to switch while helping smaller institutions match the scale of the national banks.

Northwest Credit Unions Continue to See Strong Growth a Year After Bank Transfer Day

More than a year ago, Bank of America announced plans to charge customers $5 a month to use their debit cards, sparking consumer backlash that came to a head on Nov. 5, 2011. With the one-year anniversary approaching, Anthem will examine the lessons learned and the lasting impact of Bank Transfer Day.

Jeff Russell to Credit Unions: Prepare for Change

“Consumers want options, which is what companies like Google, Dwolla and Paypal bring to the space,” Jeff Russell told NWCUA Convention-goers during Thursday morning’s general session. “Because a large percentage of earned income from exchange fees, which is declining, credit unions have got to be ready.”

Nine Things Credit Unions Must Do to Improve Net Promoter Scores

What do consumers want from their PFI? Credit union leaders attending the NWCUA Convention left with insight after Dr. Neil Goldman shared the results of the survey he conducted for the Association, in which nearly 900 consumers were questioned in pursuit of an effective credit union marketing message.

Compliance Question of the Week

We have several IRA accounts that were opened 10 or more years ago for which our statements are being returned, and our members have not contacted us. At what point do these become dormant and get sent to the state?

High-Yield Checking Becoming Loss Leader in Exchange for Banking Relationship

Community banks have teamed up to offer a product that credit unions have used successfully for decades to attract consumers to a banking relationship. High-yield checking accounts are bringing smart consumers through the doors.

CFPB Turns its Attention to Checking Accounts

The CFPB is no longer confining its attention to loans, as Wednesday, Feb. 22, marked the launch of the CFPB’s inquiry into checking accounts and overdraft protection programs.

Compliance Question of the Week

What’s up with the Pew Model Disclosure Box for checking accounts?

Increased Bank Fees Leading to Swell in Credit Union Membership Inquiries

A survey of Northwest credit unions shows that local consumers are responding to escalating bank fees by joining credit unions.

Boosting Fee Income Can Lead to Increased Market Share

John M. Floyd & Associates offers strategies for increasing revenue and growing membership through a renewed focus on building primary relationships around checking accounts.

Continued Attacks on Revenue Sources Pose Challenges for Credit Unions in 2011

As the Federal Reserve moves closer to implementation of the new interchange law, financial institutions across the country are concerned about how they will be affected by the possible loss of interchange fee income.

Story Dares to Ask: Are Credit Unions Better Than Banks?

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal received some big time national play for stating what anyone familiar with credit unions already knew: people just like credit unions.

Bankrate’s First Credit Union Study Sees Positive Signs

Bankrate’s 2010 Credit Union Study, the first of its kind for this financial services research company, indicates that despite speculation that free checking may disappear from many national banks, the consumer-friendly practice is very much alive and well at credit unions.