Compliance Center: CFPB Releases Fall Rulemaking Agenda

CFPB to focus on mortgages, prepaid cards and payday loans; certificate account compliance question; and legal briefs.

Workgroup Convenes to Update Washington’s Model Bylaws

A workgroup to update Washington’s model bylaws for state charters is seeking input from Washington’s credit unions to create a flexible, future-focused document.

Compliance Question of the Week

Who can open an estate account? The Compliance Question of the Week finds the answer is different for state chartered credit unions depending on whether they’re in Oregon or Washington.

Compliance Question of the Week

How credit unions promote their certificate accounts may depend on their charters. The rules are addressed in this week’s Compliance Question of the Week.

Oregon State Chartered Credit Unions Weigh in With DCBS on Occupancy Rule

The Oregon DCBS is taking steps to permanently adopt a rule allowing state chartered credit unions up to six years to partially utilize unimproved property held for future expansion. A group of state chartered credit union representatives recently served as an advisory group.

Legal Briefs

Your weekly update on the regulatory landscape.

What to Do if Your Tax Exemption Was Automatically Revoked by the IRS

The IRS has created a section of its website for credit unions who mistakenly received a letter notifying them of the automatic revocation of their tax exempt status.

Compliance Question of the Week

What is a business development company, and can a credit union invest in one?

Compliance Question of the Week

Can a credit union provide life insurance for its board members?

Compliance Question of the Week

How is it that the NCUA is enforcing the SAFE Act on state chartered credit unions?