FHA to Drop Single-Family Loan Limit on Oct. 1

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced this week that the insurance limit in the highest-cost areas of the country will be reduced starting on Oct. 1. Loan limits in most other parts of the nation will remain unchanged.

The Corner Office: Reflections on Dodd-Frank

Oregonians CEO Chuck Garner says he and his credit union have many concerns about the unintended consequences of the Dodd-Frank Act, which was signed into law one year ago.

Salem Setting Up for Next Session, Election

This Oregon legislative update covers various leadership and staffing changes in Salem, including a new Oregon House Democratic leader.

NWCUA to Fed: Changes Make Escrow Accounts Impossible

The Association submitted a comment letter urging the agency to think about the rule’s effect on credit unions and specialized lenders.

Multi-Featured, Open-End Lending Support, from CMG

Addressing myths and misunderstandings about the impact of the MFOEL regulation changes, CUNA Mutual provides a best practices worksheet for credit unions.

NCUA Provides Guidance on How to Write a Comment Letter

Good comment letters should state your position clearly, have strong research, explore the consequences of a rule, and suggest alternatives. Member credit unions can also turn to the Association staff for help.

Form 1099 Changes Just Need President’s Signature

A CUNA-supported bill going to President Obama would repeal an extension of IRS Form 1099 reporting requirements for certain purchases over $600.

Compliance Gets to Breathe Easier for the Second Half of 2010

The three major regulation changes (Regs. E, Z and FACTA) that went into effect today mark the turning point for the majority of the changes we will see in 2010.

May You Live in Interesting Times

Living in interesting times would be an apt description of these last couple of years, and with the passing of the Financial Reform Act things will only get more interesting, at least as far as compliance is concerned.

Legal Briefs August 16, 2010

Your update of the regulatory landscape.

Legal Briefs September 1, 2010

Your update of the regulatory landscape.

Legal Briefs September 23, 2010

Your update of the regulatory landscape.

Legal Briefs March 17, 2011

Your update of the regulatory landscape.

Legal Briefs March 31, 2011

Your update of the regulatory landscape.

Release the Kraken! Evolution Task Force Begins its Odyssey

What will the credit union system of tomorrow look like? The Evolution Task Force is examining this question.