Top 5 Reasons to Trust ‘The Trust’ With Your Employee Benefits

Learn why credit unions trust The Trust for the best in employee benefits. Plus valuable updates from CUNA Mutual Group, LSC, and CSCU!

Fibre Federal Acquisition of TLC Creates Big Benefits

Members of both credit unions will benefit from more branches, better offerings, and a stronger overall position.

SB582 Took a Step Forward Passing out of the Senate This Week

Senate Bill 582, legislation to improve the Oregon Credit Union Act, took a step forward passing out of the Senate this week.

Washington State Seeking Proposals for EBT Services

Washington has put the Electronic Benefits Transfer program out to bid as JP Morgan Chase exits.

$352 Million in Direct Benefits: What Does That Mean?

The recent Northwest credit union economic impact study found $352 million in direct member benefits. Here’s what that means.

Adding up $6.8 Billion in Credit Union Impact

With family-wage jobs, direct member benefits, and strong business activities, credit unions’ impact adds up.

Do Members Want a Mobile Wallet?

The dream of a fully functional mobile wallet is still years away, but you can give your members the services they want right now.

Share 80th Anniversary Message with Members, Nonmembers

The 80th anniversary of the day President Roosevelt signed the Federal Credit Union Act is June 26. The NWCUA invites credit unions to celebrate with a social media event.

How Much Money Did You Save Members in 2013?

Valley Credit Union was one of the big Membership Benefit Award winners at last year’s Governmental Affairs Conference for saving each of its member households $262. Will your credit union be among this year’s winners? The deadline for submitting financial data to CUNA is this Friday!

NWCUA Puts Health Care Benefits Plan to the Test; Thumbs Up!

With all of the focus on the Affordable Care Act, the NWCUA put its own health care benefits package to the test – and it passed. The coverage plan meets the desired criteria of quality coverage, minimal annual increases and substantial savings, thanks to the aggregate buying power offered by The Trust.

Myths Vs. Facts: How Does the Affordable Care Act Affect Employers and Consumers?

The Affordable Care Act may be the most significant overhaul of the health care system since Medicare and Medicaid were introduced in 1965. It also ushers in a series of changes that employers such as credit unions must make, and a need for consumers to do their homework. Here’s a look at some of the myths and facts surrounding the new law, with help from NWCUA’s Strategic Link partner and benefits provider, The Trust.

Affordable Care Act: Five Things Credit Unions Need to Know and Do Now

Health care reform has triggered changes employers need to make. Some of the deadlines and opportunities are immediate. A checklist of important steps should be on your action plan now.

Strategic Link Question of the Week

We recently concluded another employee benefits renewal. Each year this process seems to be more challenging—we pay substantially more to get less, administration requirements have quadrupled under Health Care Reform, and the entire process is under tight time constraints. How are other companies successfully maintaining a competitive benefits package and managing compliance as well?

Inside the GAC: Cheney Shares Strategic Vision, Matz Discusses Retooled NCUA

The CUNA GAC got off to an inspired start in Washington Monday, starting with President and CEO Bill Cheney’s call to credit unions to “Unite for Good” and ending with a gala celebration of credit union excellence at the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards dinner, emceed by the NWCUA’s Denise Gabel.

NWCUA’s Stang States Case for Credit Union Tax Exemption

NWCUA President and CEO Troy Stang published an op-ed column in The Oregonian last week outlining the benefits of the cooperative structure and refuting recent attacks on the credit union tax exemption. “The credit union model, regardless of a credit union’s size, is as relevant and critical to consumer choice as ever before,” he wrote.

A New Look for the NWFA Employee Benefit Trust

The Trust, a Strategic Link strategic partner, updated its look recently, adding a new logo and tagline. Through the power of aggregation, credit unions partnering with the Trust have access to employee benefit options and group rates normally available only to larger employers.

CUNA, NFCDCU to Host Webinar Series Discussing Benefits of Low-Income Designation

Many misconceptions still surround the LICU designation, and a new three-part webinar series hosted by CUNA and the NFCDCU has been created to inform credit unions about the benefits of the designations and how best to leverage them for their institution and members.

St. Helens, Wauna Explore Merger Talks as Northwest Credit Unions Continue to Join Forces

Wauna and St. Helens credit unions’ boards have signed a non-binding letter of intent to explore the benefits of merging. The announcement comes on the heels of last week’s news that Horizon successfully merged with Montana First Credit Union.