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NWCUA, ICUL Announce Two Year Strategic Management Alliance

NWCUA will provide a full suite of Association products, services, and programming to ICUL member credit unions.

Compliance Center: How Does Your 2007 Credit Card Agreement Hold-Up?

A Massachusetts court ruling may make you want to revisit your agreement language; your question answered about TILA/RESPA timing requirements; plus this week’s legal briefs.

Visa to Contact Credit Unions Over Target Breach Settlement

Target has agreed to reimburse Visa card issuers up to $67 million for costs associated with their massive 2013 data breach.

FHLB Des Moines and FHLB Seattle Members Ratify Merger Agreement

The combined bank will be the largest in the FHLBank system, serving nearly 1,500 financial institutions.

FHLBs of Seattle and Des Moines Agree to Merge

The merger has been approved by the two banks’ boards, and will now be submitted to the regulator and the members.

Compliance Question of the Week

If we have shares securing a debt, do we have to send them to the IRS if we receive a tax lien?

Compliance Question of the Week

In our membership and account agreement, the section regarding our Credit Union Lien and Security Interest reads: “…In addition, you grant the Credit Union a consensual security interest in your accounts and agree the Credit Union may use the funds from your accounts to pay any debt or amount owed the Credit Union, except obligations secured by your dwelling, unless prohibited by applicable law.”
Is the verbiage regarding “except obligations secured by your dwelling” required per any state law or federal regulation? Do you know why this is included in our agreement?

Vermont Regulator and Credit Union Reach Agreement on Use of ‘B-Word’

In settling with the state regulators, VSECU still may not describe itself as a bank but may use similar words when advertising its services as long as it discloses that it is a credit union.

Compliance Question of the Week

We are starting to offer Remote Deposit Capture to our members. Is there some sort of Reg CC deposit availability disclosure we need to provide?

CUES Renews Agreement with JMFA ESG

Strategic Link partner JMFA Executive Search Group reports that it has extended its partnership with the Credit Union Executives Society to provide credit unions with continued access to exceptional talent recruitment at an affordable cost.

Credit Union Shared Branching Operations Officially Unified

CO-OP Financial Services and FSCC’s agreement to combine operations is now complete, and the two largest credit union shared-branching organizations are one company as of the New Year.

Compliance Question of the Week

We had to reduce the credit line on a member’s HELOC because the value of the collateral has significantly dropped. What notice should I send to the member about this?

Compliance Question of the Week

If a credit union offers a debit card that is tied to an HSA account, is that covered under Reg E?

Compliance Question of the Week

Do we have to send an adverse action notice when we terminate a credit card account due to delinquency?

Generate Non-Interest Revenue Through the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Program

Sprint’s Bob Bearden writes that Sprint’s Credit Union Member Discount Program can help credit union members save money on their cell phone bill—and make money for their credit union.

NWCUA Services Corp., CU Solutions Group Create New Services Alliance

The agreement covers a variety of products offered by CU Solutions Group including Invest in America member enhancement solutions with Sprint, General Motors and TurboTax.