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CUNA-League System Reaffirms Support for Revised FOM Rule Despite ABA Challenge

The suit challenges the NCUA’s authority to interpret and issue rulemakings on field of membership broadly granted by Congress in the late-90s.

ABA Reports Possible New Round of ADA Accessibility Lawsuits

The American Bar Association (ABA) reported in its June 2014 Journal that a new round of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits is being seen. Also in today’s Anthem: Legal Briefs, and the Question of the Week: “Can we collect a debt owed to us by a minor?”

ABA to President Obama: Abolish Credit Unions’ Tax Exemption

The American Bankers Association has asked President Obama to abolish credit unions’ tax exemption. In a letter to the White House last week, ABA president/CEO Frank Keating called the exemption “a depression era tax break that has outlived its purpose.”

Credit Unions ‘Fact Check’ ABA Talking Points, Continue to Rally MBL Support

As credit unions continue to push to raise the MBL cap, the banks continue to put up roadblocks. Credit unions have issued a document “fact checking” the ABA’s talking points against S. 2231 as Northwest credit unions continue advocacy efforts.

Credit Unions Have Answers to Bankers’ Campaign

With more than 4,000 credit union supporters in D.C. this week for the CUNA GAC, the American Bankers Association is promoting anti-credit union propaganda—and credit unions have already responded.