The cornerstone of the Credit Union Movement is the knowledgeable service and leadership of credit union boards. This resource page provides information to help board members make the most informed decisions on behalf of their credit union and its members.
onboardingregulatory frameworkcontinuing knowledge
An overview of the roles and responsibilities of directors and supervisory committee members.An overview of the legal and regulatory framework that governs credit union operations.Technical knowledge that will enhance the abilities of directors to serve.
Credit Union History and System PartnersRegulatory Issues and ComplianceTech Savvy: Cybersecurity
Importance of Advocacy InvolvementFinancial Literacy RequirementFinancial Management
Board GovernanceBank Secrecy Act (BSA) TrainingRisk Management
CEO and Board CompensationIndustry Events for Directors
Board Culture: Success, Assessment, and SuccessionCurrent Topics and Library
Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
Credit Union Public Awareness
Community Impact