The Media Center is a resource for journalists covering both consumer-facing stories and financial services industry news. Access is available here to information on how cooperative credit unions benefit consumers, NWCUA news releases, recent news coverage of Association initiatives, and access to the Association’s Anthem newsletter.

What is a Credit Union?

The structure, value, and impact of credit unions sets them apart from other financial services providers.

A credit union is a not-for-profit, cooperative financial institution focused solely on its members. Credit unions provide the same services as most banks—checking accounts, ATMs, mobile banking, lending and savings accounts. Banks are profit-driven, however, and all profits are paid out to shareholders. Credit unions are member-driven, and earnings are passed onto members. This means lower fees and better loan rates for credit union members.

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Anthem Newsletter & Blog

Anthem is the Northwest Credit Union Association’s newsletter. We keep up with advocacy, compliance issues, regulation, and other industry news that is important to busy credit union staff.

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