Credit Union:
Pioneer Federal Credit Union

Type: Staff

Contact: HR Department
Fax: (208) 696-7025

Closing: 7/21/2020

Job Description:

The Network Administrator serves as the credit union hardware specialist, provides mobile support as needed. Monitors and maintains all hardware, software, security, and communications (Wireless network, Mitel, Exchange, active directories, etc.) systems and networks for the credit union to provide a reliable and efficient computing processes. Assure compatibility between all channels and systems. Hardware could include ATMs, Cash Recyclers, PTMs, printers, telephones, computers, servers, Pure Storage Arrays, Dell Storage Arrays, Manage Engine, Track-IT, firewalls, routers, and switches. Software could include Malware and Virus Protection, Operating systems, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Office, printer software, surveillance software, wireless network software, and Veeam, Keeper Security, Trace Security, and Dameware. Security could include firewall protection, Alarm panels, Malware and Virus protection, security cameras and recorders. Communications could include Wireless Networks, Mitel, Exchange, VPN, internal Mobile Device support, and security monitoring.

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Education/Experience Required:

Experience: Three to five years of similar or related experience.

Education: (1) A two year college degree or (2) Completion of a specialized course of study at a business or trade school or (3) Completion of a     specialized and extensive in-house training or apprenticeship program