Credit Union:
Point West Credit Union

Region: OR

Type: Staff

Contact: Tammie Houston
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (503) 546-5355
Fax: (503) 546-5016

Closing: 2/14/2020

Job Description:

Corresponds with or interviews new account and/or loan applicants; collects necessary documents for approval and processing in compliance with Credit Union procedures, polices and legal requirements. Identifies cross-sell opportunities and cross-sells relevant products and services to members. Takes phone calls, answers general account and/or loan questions, calculates payments, and takes loan applications on the phone from members and potential members.

Assists members and potential members with opening, maintaining and closing accounts, answering questions about products and services (including debit and credit cards), and resolving member issues that are within their authority to resolve via phone and mail. Refers problems that are beyond their authority to the Branch Manager.

Receives and processes members financial transactions via mail and phone, including deposits, transfers and loan payments, cashier’s checks, wires, etc. Balances cash drawer and accurately settles and records all daily activities.

Performs a variety of miscellaneous duties including filing, project work, computer input, handling of incoming/outgoing mail, and other job-related duties as required or assigned.


  1. Provide friendly, prompt, professional, and accurate service and support to all members and associates by answering all member and team member calls within three (3) rings and responding to all outstanding member and team member correspondence and messages within three (3) hours and no later than end of the business day.
  2. Troubleshoot and resolve member and internal inquiries in a timely, friendly and accurate manner.

  3. Accurately post and appropriately document transactions, having minimal unresolved posting errors.

  4. Develop and maintain knowledge of all relevant Credit Union policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, including current lending policies and procedures.
  5. Deliver loan decisions to members the same business day whenever possible and no later than within one (1) business day of receipt of a complete application.
  6. Cross sell loan protection insurance on at least 25% of all eligible loans.
  7. Ensure all paperwork related to new/current member accounts and/or member loans is processed and completed in compliance with relevant regulations and with minimal unresolved errors.
  8. Meet or exceed assigned loan volumes goals to maximize member financial wellness and assist the Credit Union in achieving its required operational projections.
  9. Successfully recommend a new product or service to 25% of all members interacted with daily.

Education/Experience Required:

A high school education or GED.

Additional Comments:

Experience: Two (2) years of similar or related experience.

Interpersonal Skills: A significant level of trust and diplomacy is required, in addition to normal courtesy and tact. Work involves extensive personal contact with others and/or is usually of a personal or sensitive nature. Work may involve motivating or influencing others. Outside contacts become important and fostering sound relationships with other entities (companies and/or individuals) becomes necessary.


Managerial Responsibility: Has no supervisory/managerial responsibilities.



 Independent Judgement: Specific standards and operating procedures provide some options and latitude for independent decision and action. Decisions are usually limited to choosing between two or three known options. Decisions normally take the form of recommendations (limited decision-making authority).

 Mental Process: Problems encountered are relatively simple in nature, requiring some analysis or research to determine the best solution from a limited number of prescribed options.


 Organizational Impact:   Has little or no noticeable authority to make decisions that could impact overall organizational goals and/or objectives. The impact would generally have an effect on the service or product which an individual member would receive. Does not have budgetary responsibilities and is not authorized to make decisions that would commit or jeopardize company assets.

Organizational Restraint: Limited supervision and inspection of work. Errors can be difficult to detect and resolve and/or the consequences of potential errors can be of significance.